Sunday 13 April 2014

Blog4Trek Final Round! Why I Should Be The Next Trek Blogger!

Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone who liked my photo for the second round of the competition on Facebook, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I received the email saying I had made the final 5 for the Trek America contest, all the other entries were amazing so I thought I had absolutely no chance and genuinely thought my journey in the competition was over! So thank you to everyone for their support! For the final part of the competition we have to write a blog post explaining why we should win so here goes..

I knew as soon as I saw Victoria's blogpost on the competition, that I had to enter and once I had finished my lecture at uni and got home, I set to work straight away. I don't actually think I've ever been this determined to get something before, a few months ago I wrote my "2014 Goals" blog post, which included my New Years Resolutions for the year. I said I "would love to travel a bit more" and that I want to "go out more, say yes to more opportunities" as I think towards the end of last year I was feeling a bit trapped and wasn't saying yes to as many things as I should have. I feel like this competition came at the perfect time, it was something I could put all my effort and energy into, which I really have done!

I began blogging in 2012 after reading different types of blogs for a while, I've always been a creative person but was never very good at drawing or anything "arty" so I am constantly trying to find different ways of expressing my creativity. Blogging was exactly that, I could use my passion for photography and writing and get peoples responses at the same time! I think the great thing about blogging is that you can write about anything; photography, makeup, fashion, ant colonies and there will always be someone who enjoys it or who it applies to. As I absolutely love blogging, I put a lot of effort into it, while taking my A Levels I carried on blogging. (when I probably shouldn't have..oops)

While my blog is mainly beauty, I do share "lifestyle" posts as well, when I go on big trips or even small day trips around England, I love to show the photos I've taken and share them with my readers. The great thing about blogging is that it feels so personal, you feel like you almost know the person, so seeing their photos makes you feel like you've been on the trip too! I would love to blog along the journey of the Trek America trip, share photos and even perhaps try vlogging so my readers could feel like they are along on the journey too! I think with the amount of support I have received, I have to share the journey with everyone who has helped me get this far.

I think it would be a brilliant opportunity to have fun, having just finished my first year of uni. While it was so much fun, it was also extremely exhausting and the most tiring thing I've done so it would be amazing to go on the trip before I go back for my second year. As a photographer and filmmaker I think it would be the perfect way to capture the trek and allow others to see what a great opportunity it is and encourage them to see it for themselves! I made the video below to showcase my creativity, something that I know the Trek America team wanted the finalists to show throughout the competition and I always took into account the requirements and took each entry as far as I could. Throughout the competition I believe I have shown my creativity, from my stop motion video in the first round, to the flower photograph for the second stage (which I managed to cut my finger on, ouuchhh!) and now to the final stage with my video showing what I can do and my phenomenal *sarcastic* dinosaur animation at the end, he's called Jeffrey, just so you know ;) I thought the video was a good way of showing why I should win, I have made a number of different films and have been enthusiastic about photography for many years so I definitely think I tick the "creativity" box! :) 

So, in summary, why should I win? Well, I spent two hours trying to make an animated dinosaur. I think I should win because I have shown how creative I am throughout the whole competition, how dedicated I am to everything I do and how much I would love to win the competition. It would honestly mean so much to have the opportunity to go on the Trek and I would get as much out of it as I possibly could, while a lot of the people I know are off travelling, it would be amazing to have the opportunity to see a new part of the world too. It would mean so much to go back to Santa Barbara, my favourite place in the world, see the bright lights of Vegas and see the beauty of the Grand Canyon. 

Again, thank you to everyone who liked the photo and has supported me so far! Also thank you so much to the Trek America and FredPR team for all being so lovely!