Monday 14 July 2014

Uses for Coconut Oil

Clearspring Organic Virgin Coconut Oil £8.99*

I was recently asked if I wanted to try out something from the Organicopia website, I picked the Coconut Oil as I had wanted to try it for ages as I heard it was really good for hair growth. However when researching I found out it had so many uses! Here's just a few..

I'd read that coconut oil is great for hair growth; just do a quick google and you can see some amazing results. It's also good for just generally improving the health of your hair, once a week I apply it all over my head, making sure I massage it into the roots (this helps with the growth part) I leave it on for about half an hour. While it's on your hair it will look like you haven't washed it for a year and it will feel disgusting, I then just hop in the shower and shampoo my hair as I would normally (sometimes I do two shampoo's just to make sure I've got all of it out. Afterwards you with have healthier looking and feeling hair, I have noticed such a huge difference in how my hair looks, I haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference in the length of my hair but I will keep you posted!

This can be used as an alternative to other oil for cooking, it has less calories and is vegan and organic so if you are into looking after your body then this is perfect. It also boosts metabolism so if you're looking to shed the pounds, this will be great!

Oil Pulling
This is a new one to me, I had heard people mention it but had never really looked into it that much. Basically it's a coconut oil mouthwash! It's meant to get rid of bacteria in the mouth, freshen breath and also whiten your teeth! My teeth have been in need of whitening for a while so every morning for 10-15 minutes I've been 'swooshing' this around my mouth. A word of warning; it's disgusting. I really don't like the taste of coconut oil and it's not the most pleasant of things but hey, it works. I generally do it while curling my hair as I'm distracted, just make sure you don't swallow any.

This can be used on the body or on the face, I have ridiculously dry skin at the moment and this makes it feel so healthy and soft! After I come out of the shower in the evening, I just apply this all over my face. Straight away it sinks in and I love how it makes my skin feel! It can also be used on the body, I have dry skin all over my body so it is amazing!

Shaving Lotion
Another idea is as a DIY shaving lotion! This is especially great if you have dry skin (like me!) and it is amazing for sensitive skin too as it is natural and organic so doesn't have any ingredients that will irritate you skin!

You can purchase your own here!


  1. I adore coconut oil, if I'm not leaving the house for a few days I use it as a hair mask. leave it in for days/hours and oh my goodness it makes is so much healthier and stronger, plus extra silky.