Monday 17 October 2016

Creating the perfect brow...with soap?

I'm sure you will have seen or heard the talk about 'soap brows' recently. If you haven't, I'm going to talk through my thoughts about the process since I started doing it around three weeks ago. This isn't something I created myself so check out this Pixiwoo video as I believe this is what started the trend, this Desi Perkins video is also super helpful if you prefer seeing tutorials. This method is incredible for any kind of brow, I would honestly recommend anyone do it. It's brilliant for me as I have brows that just do not stay in place, the reason I love it is because it holds every single brow in place all day long and you can create whatever shape you want to. I like to brush the hairs at the front of my brows upwards in order to make my brows looks fuller.

So to achieve this look, you take a spoolie (a clean mascara wand) and wet it slightly under a tap. Then using a clear soap, brush the spoolie all over the soap so that the brush is coated. Begin to brush your brows through and move them into the position you would like them to be in for the rest of the day! I tend to do my eye makeup while this dries and then apply makeup to my brows once I know it has completely dried. For me, this makes the whole process of doing my brows so much quicker, as you brush the brows into the position you want them in, I find I don't end up applying as much product to them!

What do you think of soap brows? Have you tried them?
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