Monday 10 October 2016

Discovering Becca Cosmetics

Until about a month ago, I had never tried Becca Cosmetics. From having a look around Space Nk, I assumed they were all about light coverage and 'no makeup makeup' which is far from my type of makeup. However after searching online, I found that they did a full coverage foundation and actually focused on 'glowing skin' with their impressive range of highlighters in different forms, from powder to liquid to cream. The Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme foundation is a new love of mine, as the name suggests, it is full coverage. It's pretty thick in consistency and a little goes A LONG way, you barely need a pump of this to cover your whole face. Personally, I prefer applying this with a buffing brush, I don't really like applying foundation with my fingers and my Beauty Blender didn't really work too well with the thick consistency. 

Then, during a lunch break browse, I impulsively picked up the Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in the shade Moonstone. I've been mixing it in with foundations but you can also apply it to your face before or after foundation, so it's definitely a versatile product. As I've mentioned in SO many blog posts recently, I've be obsessed with highlighters. I picked up the Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in the shade Pearl, this looks completely white in the pan, however it is such a beautiful shade and I have worn it pretty much every day since I bought it! The final Becca product I've been trying is one I received as a gift with purchase, it's the Beach Tint in the shade Raspberry which can be used as a lip tint or as a cheek product. I tend to use it on my cheeks as I love the deep purple shade as it's perfect for creating autumnal makeup!

Have you tried Becca Cosmetics before? 
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