Monday 14 October 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I've loved for years, I adore the Magic Away Concealer and the Beauty Light Wand is my all time favourite highlighter. However I'd never tried one of her foundations before, they were always too light in coverage and natural for me so I steered clear however I was so excited when I heard that she was bringing out a full coverage foundation and the day after it came out, I had purchased it. 

The brand claim that this has a natural matte finish, I would agree with this as I find that while it does predominantly look matte it doesn't make my skin look too matte and the skin still has a slight glow to it. The coverage is definitely full, personally I find this much more full coverage compared to Estee Lauder Double Wear. It covers absolutely brilliantly, my redness and blemishes are covered so easily and my skintone is evened out. You barely need a pump of product to cover your whole face as it's so brilliantly pigmented, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin however I think if you did apply more than a pump it may start to look a little bit cakey and feel heavy. The brand also claim it gives a "flawless, poreless-looking finish." I do find that my skin looks flawless when I'm wearing it, I do have quite noticeable pores and this just smooths everything out beautifully, making them unnoticeable. I definitely agree that this product stays all day which is something I really struggle with when it comes to foundations. This stays put throughout the day, I don't have a very strenuous job but I find with most foundations that by the time I get home they've started to come of or look a little shiny however this lasts so well throughout the whole day and I don't need to re-powder at all. Another claim provided by the brand is that it contains an ingredient called Magic Replexium which reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 22% after 8 weeks use. I personally can't comment on this claim as I'm lucky enough to not have wrinkles yet but I'd be very intrigued to know how this works on an older skin.

Like all Charlotte Tilbury packaging, this feels very luxurious and expensive (which is should do for the price!). I love the frosted glass bottle and the gold lid is beautiful, it looks lovely on my dressing table. The foundation also comes with a pump which is really handy and ensures you get exactly the right amount of product, I usually apply just under a full pump for my entire face and it covers perfectly. The foundation comes in 44 different shades which is a great range, I love that more brands are realising that it essential to provide a shade to suit everyone. 

Overall, I've been absolutely loving this foundation. If you're someone who doesn't like full coverage foundations then you probably won't like this as it really does give a porcelain doll finish to the skin and if you prefer something natural then I would steer clear. However if full coverage foundations are your thing then I would definitely recommend you give this a go as I've been thoroughly impressed with it.

You can purchase it here and if you do give it a go, let me know!

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