Monday 2 December 2019

Current Favourite Beauty Products

 I've ended up purchasing a few new products recently that I've ended up loving, along with an old favourite that I rediscovered my love for. I found myself in my local Boots a few weeks ago, I hadn't been there in ages and they'd added a few more brands to the beauty area. My local Boots is unfortunately tiny so doesn't have the array of brands that the bigger stores have but they've definitely upped their game. I noticed they had a Milani stand, I'd heard of this brand mainly from their Conceal + Perfect Foundation so I decided to give it a go and see what I thought, seeing as I have tried every other foundation in the world. I am absolutely obsessed with this product, it's mid-range in terms of price for the drugstore at £14 so it's not the cheapest but it's also a lot cheaper than the high end foundations I usually buy. This has such nice coverage, it's medium but can be built to full coverage. It lasts so well throughout the day and sits really nicely on my dry skin, it honestly makes my it look so healthy and flawless. It's marketed as a concealer and foundation in one, personally I still use concealer however if you don't have redness and dark circles, you could probably get away with just using this without concealer. If you're looking for a new foundation and don't want to break the bank then definitely give this a go!

I've spoken before about not using normal fake tan on my face due to having a reaction to it, due to this I decided to purchase the Tan Luxe Face Tan after hearing rave reviews and I'm obsessed. I use this at night, adding a couple of drops to my night cream and when I wake up in the morning I look like I've been on holiday. My skin has a lovely natural tan and matches my body tan perfectly, I've also had no issues with reacting or having breakouts. They sell a smaller travel version which I purchased to try it out but I will definitely be investing in the larger size one I've finished the travel size.

Lately I've been wearing lipsticks a lot more and decided to try out the Mac Liptensity in Clouds in my Coffee. I've only ever tried the standard Mac lipsticks but this Liptensity range is so moisturising on the lips and easy to wear. I was worried this shade would be too dark for me as in the tube it does look like it would be better suited to darker skintones to mine but it's a beautiful every day nude lip that really suits me. I'm definitely going to purchase more of the Liptensity shades as they're so easy to apply and don't dry lips out.

I've spoken about my love for Becca highlighters many times, I own the shades Pearl and Opal which I adore and are part of my daily makeup routine. I recently bought a gift set where you received a mini Champagne Pop, I was thrilled as I'd wanted to try this for ages but really couldn't justify another highlighter! This is probably the most talked about and hyped up shade and I can see why, it's beautiful! It's quite similar to Opal but obviously more champagne coloured. I've been wearing this everyday since I bought it, I love all the Becca highlighters I own however if you were looking to try just one, I'd recommend you go for either Champagne Pop or Opal. 

My final favourite is a product I've owned for a few years, the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. I remember as a young teenager I would go into Debenhams and spray this perfume and dream about owning it. It was more expensive than I could afford so I always said I'd buy it one day when I was older and had to money. I ended up being sent it by a PR a few years ago and being so excited that I finally owned it and I've repurchased it myself ever since. This fragrance is beautiful, I'm not a huge fan of extremely floral fragrances but this is the right amount of floral. It's subtle yet girly and not an offensive smell at all. I will continue to purchase this for years and also think it makes the most beautiful gift as the bottle looks amazing on any dressing table!

What are your current favourite products?

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