Monday 20 April 2020

Haircare Essentials

I've got slightly damaged hair which has got a lot worse over the past few months. It's meant that I've tried to purchase more products to improve the health of my hair and protect it from things like heat and colour damage. I'm not loyal to one particular shampoo, I try different ones every time from cheaper drugstore ones to much more expensive salon brands. While browsing Urban Outfitters one day, I found the Umberto Giannini Grow Long Shampoo. I'm automatically drawn to shampoos that claim they can make your hair grow quicker as I'm attempting to get long hair again so I threw this in my basket. It retails for just £8 which is very reasonable. Before using this shampoo I'd had a few bad experiences with shampoo, I tried one that caused my hair to get greasy very quickly, I believe due to product buildup and then after buying a clarifying shampoo to remove the build up, I dried my hair out very badly. This shampoo claims to cleanse hair, remove buildup and stimulate hair circulation with the main aim being to help hair to grow quicker. The first time I used this shampoo, I noticed a difference immediately. My hair, that had felt dry and damaged was suddenly feeling a lot healthier and had improved the dryness. It doesn't cause any product buildup like other shampoos and it also smells absolutely incredible. I'm not sure I can comment too much on it helping your hair to grow quicker, I have experienced my hair growing quickly however my hair does generally grow pretty speedily! I've just repurchased this and am so happy to have a super affordable shampoo that works for me. Until recently, I'd not really used hair masks, but because of the damage on my hair I decided to invest. I'd read some amazing reviews for the Moroccan Oil hair mask so picked it up. I use this no more than twice a week after shampooing, I leave on for about five minutes before washing it off. After washing it off, I am left with the softest hair ever, it's amazing. My hair feels so nourished and helps so much with the damage to my hair especially at the ends. The 250ml pot has lasted me about four months which I think is pretty good as it retails for £25 so I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Before blow drying my hair I've been adding the Moroccan Oil from root to tip. This again helps to make my hair feel incredible! It's infused with argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins to detangle your hair and boost shine to leave you with nourished, smooth hair. I originally bought the 25ml bottle which is quite small but did last me quite a long time considering I used it every time I blow dry my hair. I will definitely be investing in the larger bottle. In terms of styling my hair, the majority of the time I curl my hair. My favourite product to use after curling my hair is the Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray, I spray this on after I curl my hair and then brush through it with a wide tooth comb to create beautiful natural waves. This wave spray smells incredible, I absolutely adore the scent and it makes my hair look super shiny while also helping to create the best curls that look really beautiful and natural.

What are your haircare essentials?

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