Thursday 31 December 2020

2020 Beauty Favourites

While most of this year has been spent inside the house, in loungewear and minimal makeup I did still find some great new beauty products that have found their way into my routine. It seems even though I had nowhere to go, I still managed to justify spending my money on lots of non-essential things. 

For me, a lot of this year has been spent trying to take better care of my hair. Trying to use less heat, training it to last longer in-between washes and just trying to make it less dry and damaged. After hearing so much about Olaplex but never actually trying the brand, I decided to do some research and work out which product to try out first. I decided on the No.3 Hair Protector, an at-home bond builder that helps to strengthen and repair your hair. It revitalises and regenerates dry, damaged strands that have been broken due to chemical thermal or mechanical effects. I had really dry, broken hair after having bleach put on my hair at the beginning of the year. I use this about once a week and notice a difference as soon as my hair is washed and dried. Before you wash your hair, get it wet and towel dry it before applying about a 10p sized piece through your hair. I leave for at least 20 minutes before washing and drying my hair as normal. When I managed to get to the hairdressers post-lockdown I was told my hair was looking in much better condition so that proves this product really does work! After I had this hair appointment, I walked out with my hair feeling amazing. Sure, every time I go to the salon, I leave with it feeling lovely but this was different. I remembered the conversation I had with my hairdresser where he was telling me the products he was using on my hair, he used the Colour Wow Dream Cocktail and Dream Coat. I went home, did a little research and purchased the Dream Cocktail. I purchased the Kale version as I knew I was having major issues with hair breakage so felt this was the best one for me, they also do Coconut-Infused and Carb-Infused. This helps to reduce breakage immediately with smooth hair that is detangled and strengthened. What I mainly noticed was straight after I had finished blow drying my hair, it was the softest it had ever been and there was absolutely no frizz. None. I was blown away, I now use it every time I wash my hair and I'm still blown away by the results each time. I'm currently contemplating getting the Dream Coat too. 

Because I've been wearing less makeup, I've invested more in my skincare routine. I spent a lot of 2020 trying to get hold of The Ordinary AHA/BHA Peeling Solution, after it was completely out of stock. Eventually I managed to buy it and I loved the results, having previously used the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial which is very pricey I was so impressed especially as it's a fraction of the price. I use this about once a week, for 10 minutes (no longer) and ensure I use SPF the day after (and every day to be honest). I will definitely continue to purchase this into 2021! Another skincare product I discovered at the start of the year is the Glow Recipe C-Bright Pineapple Vitamin C Serum. I've shouted about this product so many times throughout the year because I noticed such a difference in my skin. It was brighter, scars faded and my skin just looked so much healthier and clearer, it is pricey but I am absolutely obsessed with it!

I've been using Charlotte Tilbury products for years and heard people rave about the Flawless Filter but hadn't tried it. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it, this is so lovely to wear either on its own or under your foundation. I find when I use it on its own, it makes me look so healthy and my skin glows while also giving a tiny bit of coverage to even my skin tone out. You can also use it on your cheekbones on top of makeup to give yourself an extra glow! When it comes to foundation, I have only tried a couple this year however I knew as soon as I saw Nars were releasing their Soft Matte Complete Foundation, I needed it. I waited patiently for the launch and bought it. With this foundation, a little goes such a long way and it has a flawless finish. It lasts really well, doesn't come off throughout the day and looks beautiful. If you want a glowy, luminous finish this isn't for you but if you want something that looks flawless but feels light on the skin, I'd definitely recommend. 

Another new launch from Nars this year was the Afterglow Lip Balms, I bought the shade 'Fast Lane' but have my eye on a few others. These are lovely, I suffer massively from dry lips so these are my ideal lip product. It's basically a lip balm but adds a lovely colour to your lips too. They are pricey for what they are but I don't have another product like these in my collection. My final favourite is a product I bought very recently but I love it so much that I had to include it. As soon as I got the email from Cult Beauty to say The Vieve The Essential Palette was in stock, I bought it instantly and I do not regret it one bit. This is now my favourite eyeshadow consistency, they blend so beautifully and the colours in the palette are perfect. The pigmentation is top notch and overall it's just stunning!

What were your favourite products of 2020?

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