Sunday, 29 July 2012

My week in Instagram photos #10

1. Lots of packages waiting at home for me! 2. Reunited with my baby!! 3. Leaving Cyprus, didn't want to leave my swimming doggy! 4. Having a cup of tea when it's 35 degrees outside, like you do! 5. Packing my suitcase, throwing everything in very neatly. 6. The sun disappeared for a few hours! 7. I was the first one ready for once! 8. Taking some photographs for a women and I met her dog, she was so cutteee!! 9. Trying to persuade my Mum to buy this, she eventually caved and bought it in the end! 10. Serioouuus face! It looks like I have tattooed one eyebrow in and left the other natural! Weird!

I am now home, I got back here about nine last night. Then went straight out this morning for a seven hour shift, which was not fun. I don't think I talked to many customers I was so tired!! Then I got stuck on the till for ages, serving people veeerryyy slowly as I was just knackered!!
Tomorrow I am having a "Georgina Day" as I call them. It basically means I am having a day to myself. I have a driving lesson, an orthodontist appointment but then am going to shop shop shop!! I just need a day to chill out really! Which may sound weird seeing as I have spent 2 weeks on holiday but to be honest I spent every day either blogging, on my website, writing or doing other work!

What have you been up to this week?


Friday, 27 July 2012

What's in my hand luggage bag?

Hello, here's what I took in my hand luggage! I am not one of those girls who takes of their makeup on the plane and reapplies so there is no makeup! But maybe if I was going on a longer flight I would, I haven't been on a long haul flight in ages, I am going to LA in January/February so I will have to see if I take any then!

My bag is from Cath Kidston, it is normally £28, but I got it in the sale for £20. It is what I have been using for college and I love it, it fits everything and is so big!

My sketchbook - I need to start doing some sketches for my university portfolio!
My Amazon kindle - This is my Dads old one and there are a few books on here I want to read.
My BB Playbook - This is the Blackberry version of the ipad, I prefer it to the ipad as it has flash. Although the apps aren't as good and it's smaller!
Darkly Dreaming Dexter - My favourite book!
My phone

My ipod touch
My Dr Dre Beats Headphones - These came in particularly handy when there was a screaming baby on the plane. She cried the WHOLE way, no joke. She was in business class, which meant other people had paid more money but had a baby screaming in their ears. Haha.
Company Magazines - I had two that I hadn't read!
My laptop - I have never taken my laptop on holiday before, there hasn't really been a need but I wanted to blog, create my website and have to practice for my theory test!
Sunglasses and sunglass case - My sunglass case is from River Island and my sunglasess are from Urban Outfitters!
I also had my camera but was using it to take these photos!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #4

Hello, here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

1. Mary Jane Heel Less Platforms - These are beautiful! I can't decide whether I want them in pink or black!! They are also super cheap and I want them so badly!!

2. River Island Beanie - I have no clue why but I decided I wanted a beanie for Autumn/Winter! I LOVE a/w fashion a lot more than s/s so always have a ton of ideas for outfits!

3. Makeup Forever HD Foundation - I have wanted this for ages, at the moment I am loving Mac Face and Body Foundation but have heard such good things about it! Have any of you tried it? What did you think?

4. Topshop Leather Jacket - I used to not be a huge fan of leather jackets but recently I have really wanted one! Especially for a/w I think it could look really cute!

I am sorry if I have been a bit absent recently and not being replying to comments, I didn't want to leave my blog while I am on holiday so am still posting but haven't had the time to reply to comments like usual! I'm going home on Saturday so hopefully I will be back to normal then!
Even though I did a few rambly talky posts last week I feel like I want to do another! Do you guys like more personal posts or do you just follow for beauty/fashion? Although I need to start doing more OOTD posts!! It's currently 2:43 in the morning and I can't sleep so I'm writing this blog post while writing a "story" of sorts. I have always loved writing but thought I was pretty awful as if you ask me what a verb or adjective is I have no clue! But I am writing a sort of "FanFic" have you heard of those? You basically take characters from a tv show/movie/book and write your own scenario! It's fun, I may link it when I'm done, although it's rather racy (oooer) so not sure if I will due to cringe factor! Hahaha!

What have you been lusting after this week?

Speak soon!!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

My week in Instagram photos #9

Hello, here's what I've been up to this week!

1. Sunbathing! I look bald in this photo! 2. Who on earth needs a hot tub in forty degree heat!!? 3. Going out for dinner at a thai restaurant! 4. I NEED these shoes!! 5. Sunbathing in my favourite bikini! 6. On to my third book! It's really good so far! 7. Going out to dinner, this was the night my stomach bloated and I was almost sick so it ended up not being so fun! 8. Missing my little baby boy :( 9. Having dinner on the rooftop! 10. The artwork in our villa! A bit odd!

Do you guys prefer the pictures arranged like this or how they have been before? This is how other people lay they out but it depends what you guys want!

Another question, how do you guys feel about youtube videos? I'm not saying I would start tomorrow, but I'm open to the idea of starting them. So leave a comment on what you think of them :)


Friday, 20 July 2012

What's in my holiday makeup bag?

Hello, here are all the products I have here with me in Cyrpus! I bought this makeup bag in the Cath Kidston sale for £8! It's the perfect size!

Sleek eyebrow kit
Estee Lauder gel eyeliner
Mac Quad - Hepcat
- Mulch
- Stars and Rockets
- Jest
Revlon Grow luscious plumping mascara
L'oreal eyeliner - Iced Chesnut
Mac In the Gallery quad

Sleek contour kit
Mac Face and body foundation
Bourjois healthy mix foundation
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
YSL touche eclat
Mac mineralize blush - warm soul
L'oreal true match powder

Revlon - coral kiss
Revlon lip butter - tutti frutti
Topshop - innocent
Mac - Up the amp
Revlon lip butter - Strawberry shortcake

I also have Mac Soft and Gentle mineralize skin finish and the Mac select cover up nc20 which I bought at the airport!

It's been an eventful few days! On Wednesday night we went for dinner, I felt rough! My stomach bloated to about three times its normal size! I then was gagging and about to be sick! Lovely! My mum thought it was sun stroke but could also be dehydration, so I'm trying to drink as much water as I can! Then yesterday red bumps came up on my hands and feet, throughout the day I felt like someone was stabbing me in the back with needles and it was itchy! Which we googled and turned out it could have been prickly heat! I have told so many people that I do not cope well in hot weather, I really don't! Give me winter weather with scarves and a hot chocolate any day! Haha!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #3 (Mac Edition)

Hello, so here are the things I have been lusting after this week! At the airport I bought a few Mac items. Every time I go to Mac I find a million things I want but cannot afford. So here are some items I really would like! At the airport I bought Select cover up in nc20, soft and gentle mineralize skin finish and the 217 brush!

1. 224 - I always here good things about this brush and really need to try it out!

2. Bare Study Paint Pot - I swatched this at the airport and it looked such a pretty base for eyeshadows I love light shimmery champagne colours on my lids!

3. Melba Blush - I have wanted this for ages! Everyone was going on about it a few months ago!

4. Lustre Drops - These look gorgeous!!!!! Lots of people have suggested putting a few drops in with your foundation to give you a sort of "glow"

5. Select Cover Up - I bought this in nc20 and I love it, because it is an nc shade it works well to hide redness. I want to buy this is nw20 so it can counteract the blueish shades under my eyes!

I am on day four in Cyprus, yesterday was eventful. We were sitting having dinner when we heard a bump! A bmw had bumped into a Mitsubishi, the driver of the Mitsubishi got out, he was barefoot and had hair that resembled Tom Hanks in Castaway when he has been on the island for years! Scraggly hair and beard! He then drove off, leaving the bmw driver confused! He then came back 10 minutes later (after doing a very dangerous and illegal turn across a busy road) was tapping on the bmw drivers window! Then got back in his car, took a swig of beer from a bottle in between his legs and drove off again! No wonder the bmw had gone up the back of him! All the waiters in the restaurant knew him, apparently he is the local nutjob who went into a car rental place, slapped a random guy who worked there, snapped the water pipe in half, washed his hands and left! Eventful night! Haha!

What have you been lusting after from Mac? And have you encountered any crazy people recently? Haha!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

My week in Instagram photos #8

Hello, I am in CYPRUS! I arrived yesterday and it is SO HOT!!! Wifi is working so blogging should be as usual! Here's what I've been up to this week!

My baby had to go to the vet, he did not like the carry case one bit! The vet loved him though, he was so well behaved!

Watching this weeks Pretty Little Liars episode, I LOVE Ezra. I spent about 5 hours watching Aria/Ezra scenes. Obsessed.

Two of the books I took on holiday. Great name for a murder writer!

My Mums boss is lovely!!

Nabbing free stuff from the BA lounge!!

Cheeky duty free purchases!! :) (woman who sold them to me was SOOO rude!! hmff!)

My home for the next two weeks!!

Sunbathing by the pool!!!

Today I have also been working on a new blog, it is not something you will all be interested in. It is more of a professional blog, to show my work and something to show at university interviews really.

What have you guys been up to this week?


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #2

Hello, firstly I want to say thank you so much! I have reached 50 followers! I have had my blog for less than two months and it has been so exciting watching more people read and follow my blog so thank you!!

Here's what I have been lusting after this week!

1. IPhone 4s white! - I am still unsure whether to get the 4s now or wait until the Iphone 5! At the moment I have a blackberry which is alright, the good thing about it is bbm but to be honest I only have about 5 contacts as I deleted everyone who annoyed me (turns out it was quite a few people!) other than that I think having an Iphone will be much better, I can Instagram whenever I want instead of having to find wifi!! Do any of you have an Iphone? Do you think they are worth the money?

2. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - I was one of those people who never got the original Naked palette *sob* I wanted it SO much! Nowhere near me stocks Urban Decay so I would have had to get it delivered (I HATE delivery charges) apparently the colours in the newer palette are a lot better and much more flattering!

3. Jeffrey Campbell Litas - I only have to go on Tumblr and I am flooded with images of these! I want them so badly! I tried some on and they were so comfy (I think its the platform!) if anyone knows of some cheaper versions I would be forever grateful!

4. Essie Absolutely Shore - This colour is just beautiful! I saw it on Instagram and went on the hunt to find it, my local Boots didn't have it! I was distraught!!

5. Topshop Bunny Onesie - Any rabbit related clothing item and I am there like a shot! I have never really felt the need to buy a onesie, I get really hot in long sleeved pajamas as it is but this is just so cute!!

What products are you lusting after?


Monday, 9 July 2012

My week in Instagram photos #7

Soy hot chocolate in Starbucks! Yum!

Sorting out all my evening clothes for my holiday! (5 days!!)

Having a lazy pj day (turned into two lazy pj days!)

Cleaning my mess of a room!

In love with my new peplum top!!

Made a list of EVERYTHING I need to take on holiday!

Going to my sisters house in trackies and cow socks!

Out for lunch with my sister and cousin when my cousin took photos! I had to Instagram! :)

My new bag! I said I wanted this in my Wednesday Wishlist post and I just HAD to buy it! I am in love with it, it's so big on the inside like a Mary Poppins bag!

My hair is gradually getting darker and I have no clue why! Today it looked brunette with red tones!!


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Baby Shower!

As I have said a few times my sister is pregnant. She is now 31 weeks! Last Saturday me, my cousin Charlotte and my sisters friend Laura (my sister is also called Laura which makes it so confusing so we have Laura F and Laura B!) threw her a baby shower! I was doing one anyway and then Laura and Charlotte wanted to do one so they joined in on my planning. We invited mostly our family with a few of Lauras friends and Marks (my sisters boyfriend) sister and Mum. Baby showers are not a huge thing here, I know in the US they are very common but no one who came to the baby shower had ever been to one before! Here are a few pictures I took, I got some really lovely pictures of me and my sister but I don't think she would feel that comfortable showing pictures of her! I promise I will get back to beauty/fashion posts soon! It seems this weeks posts have been all over the place! All the cupcake toppers are bought from ebay, if you want any links just leave a comment and I will send them to you :)

Cupcakes, the edible paper says "Laura, keep calm you're having a baby" my sister LOVES the "keep calm and carry on" themed things so when I saw these I needed them!

Cupcakes decorated by me! You can see where I started talking, lose concentration and the icing went a bit crazy!

More cupcakes! There were 84 in total!

Close up of the "keep calm" cupcakes!

Food table!

Teenie Tiny feet cakes! My favourite ones!

Opening presents! My sisters bump!

We ran out of sweets for favor boxes the day before, so we went to the supermarket, out of the corner of my eye I spotted these foot biscuits!

BUMP! :)

My sister looks lovely here! Hahaha! But here's what I wore and what my hair/makeup was like :)

As I said there will be more makeup/fashion posts this week!

Have you ever thrown a baby shower before?



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