Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Favourites!

Here are the products I have been loving this month!

Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation - Initially I wasn't a huge fan of this foundation, I would put on a foundation with not too much coverage and then would put this over the top. That looked really nice, but for some reason I couldn't get this foundation to work on its own! I then tried this earlier in the month and have been wearing it every day since! I use my Sephora Mineral Powder brush to spread the foundation out on my face, then I use my Cosmopolitan sponge (the beauty blender dupe!) to push it into the skin! It gives amazing coverage as it is meant to cover up tattoos and acne!

Mac Select Cover Up Concealer - I think this was in my favourites post last month. This is my all time favourite concealer. It is the best I have ever tried, it's just amazing! A little goes such a long way, you only need to squeeze the tube a tiny bit and it can be used for my under eyes and all my blemishes!

Mac 217 Brush - This is the only brush I have been using to blend my eye shadow, it is so soft and blends the eye shadow so well!

Revlon Palette In Blushed Wines - I bought this ages ago and never really used it, I then picked it up and have been using it every day! The eye shadows are really pigmented and not chalky!

Revlon Smoked Peach Lipstick - I am completely in love with this colour! It is perfect! I love Revlon lipsticks, they are probably my favourite drugstore lipsticks!

What products have you been loving this month?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #9

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

I would really love an Ipad, purely just to look cool. Haha! My uncle found out how much money I have in my "spending" bank account and started trying to persuade me to get an Ipad. It worked.

So cute!

I wanted chelsea boots ages ago but never got them! I much prefer these ones to the leather ones!

I have wanted this for ages! I bought a limited edition one called Of Royalty and apparently Saint Germain is similar, so when I run out I will have to buy it!

I swear this is the most talked about Mac blush! I have wanted it for ages!

What items have you been lusting after?

Monday, 27 August 2012

Guest Post: This Works Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water Review

Hello, my name is Becky and I have a blog called Beauty Becky. Today I am writing a guest post for the lovely Georgina and I am going to talk about my new favourite cleansing water!

My favourite cleanser is Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which I absolutely love. I do, however like to remove my makeup first with a cleansing water. I have recently read lots of amazing reviews on This Works Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water, so I thought I would give that a try!

I have only been using this product for about one week now but I absolutely love it! It's a cleansing water so you don't use water with it and I usually find these cleansers don't leave my skin feeling very clean and cleansed. This one however feels different. It almost seems as if it is foaming up slightly on my skin and providing a thorough, deep cleanse.

I use my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm after this for a proper cleanse as I use this only to remove make up. It removes make up very well! I soak a cotton pad with this and wipe it over my face and my make up instantly comes off (I use about two cotton pads which removes all makeup from my face and neck!) I haven't used this for eye makeup yet as I have a separate eye makeup remover that I use. I have heard that this removes eye makeup very well though so let me know if you have tried it!

It feels very gentle on my skin and quite soothing, whilst also being very effective and amazing at removing makeup and providing a nice cleanse. My skin is left looking and feeling amazingly clean, fresh and smooth.

I would highly recommend this cleansing water! It is pretty pricey at £21 for 200ml, but I don't find I need too much of it so hopefully it will last quite a while! (Also, the bottle is massive so it makes the price seem more reasonable!)

Thank you to Georgina for letting me guest post!

I hope you enjoyed this post,


Saturday, 25 August 2012

"So you don't drink..ever?"

..this is a question I get a lot. No I don't drink, apart from maybe the one white wine spritzer at Christmas or a glass of champagne to celebrate, but even those are usually just given to me. It's not really a thing, I just don't drink. I've never really understood the fascination with drinking, it has never appealed to me.

I remember when I was about 14 at a friends birthday party, one girl had stolen a bottle of wine from her parents and we all had a glass. At 14 that was like the coolest thing to do ever, even though I've never really cared what people thought about me too much or whether I was cool, I drank a glass. It was honestly one of the worst experiences ever, it was at that moment that I knew I was a lightweight. I could hardly see anything, I couldn't walk and I crawled under the bed and cried about something unrelated that had happened even though it wasn't a big deal at all. I couldn't understand how that was appealing and why anyone would want to do that every friday night. My sister is older than me so when she turned 18 I was still quite young, I remember her coming home and throwing up everywhere, I was asleep in bed with a pillow over my head while my mum had to sleep in her bed with her. Luckily my sisters drinking days are over due to the fact Phoebe was born. Yay Phoebe! ;)


There are so many other reasons I don't drink, I don't like being out of control, I don't like the thought anyone could do anything to me and I wouldn't know. I have seen many people gain a lot of weight since they went away to university, the partying lifestyle soon catches up with you ;)

I try not to bring up the fact I don't drink as I always get the same response.

"So you don't drink..ever?"
"Come out drinking with me I'll get you drunk"

I don't understand why people have such a problem with it? If I said I was vegetarian would people judge me as much? It's almost like, as a teenager there is a law that states "all teenagers must get so drunk they vomit up a weeks worth of food and end up sleeping in a bath tub" I just don't understand why. It's my right to choose what I do, what I put in my body. If I don't want to drink, I won't. I've never been one to be pressured into anything, it's always been in my personality to know what I do want to do and what I don't want to do. I think I'm lucky as so many teenagers do things they don't want to do purely because someone tells them to.

In my opinion, if someone if trying to force you to do something that you don't want to do, don't do it. If they get mad, they are clearly not a real friend and not worth your time.

I do apologise for the fact most of my "personal posts" just consist of me, blabbering on about something completely irrelevant!

All images from Tumblr

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Get to know me!

Hello! I really like reading these kind of posts on other peoples blogs! I was also aware that as my blog is quite new, you guys don't know that much about me! I am not feeling too great again and don't want to leave you guys too long without blog posts, so I have two lovely people working on guest posts for me! I've never had people do guest posts so that is quite exciting! I am also planning some posts to help bloggers, eg "how to take blog photos" "html tips" and other things like that as I get a lot of tweets and emails asking me how I design my blog! I really like writing these kind of posts and have some more personal posts I am planning on writing, I think I may have mentioned a series I was going to do about dealing with different kinds of things, fake friend, heartbreak, health problems. So anyway here are some things you may not know about me!
I have OCD - This is something that not a lot of people know about me and I don't really talk about it that much! I obsessively wash my hands and use hand sanitizer ALL.THE.TIME. It does get quite annoying that I can't touch a door knob without the thought of germs going through my mind. I am very obsessive about time, to the point where I will check my alarm is on the right time a crazy amount of times. In one night I could do this about 30 times. Yes I am not kidding, I check my alarm is on the right time THIRTY times. *sigh* I also cannot touch things an odd number of times, for example if I touch a door once, I have to touch it again. This also applied to my hands, so if I touch the door with my right hand, I have to touch it with my left hand too. There are so many more things I do but I am already sounding very weird! That is one I the reasons I don't discuss it with anyone!
I am the fussiest eater - This got really bad when I was about 16. I am unbelievably fussy, I will only eat certain kinds of potatoes, for example, mashed potatoe is fine. I HATE new potatoes and baked potatoes. I only ever eat baked beans if they are with pasta, my food can not touch on the plate, my sister finds this really weird as if we eat curry, I will have the rice on it's own and the chicken on its own. I love vegetables but prefer most if they are raw. I love fruit but don't really like fruit flavoured things, eg strawberry ice cream! My mum gets really mad at me because of how fussy I am! OOPS!
I can remember almost everything- Whether it is information for an exam or what day/year/event a photo is from I will be able to remember it! When I was younger I was in a school play as one of the backing characters, when the main character was ill the teacher needed someone to fill in. I decided to fill in and she handed me the script but I already knew all the lines! I had been sat in rehearsals and had learnt every single line!
I am very shy - I sometimes wonder if this is just shyness or if I actually have some kind of social anxiety! I think it's getting better and it's generally around people my own age that I get quite anxious. I am fine talking to adults and find asking things in shops but if you ask me to go to a party I will point blank refuse! I think it's because a lot of the people my age where I live are not really similar to me and we don't have much in common. When I meet people who like the same things as me I am totally fine!

Image from Tumblr

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #8

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

1. River Island Boots - NEED! Enough said!

2. Stella McCartney - I have wanted this for ages, but it's so darn expensive! I may ask for this for christmas!

3. Collection 2000 Cream puff - Everyone and their mothers have gone on about this product and I for the life of me cannot find it anywhere! My Boots is quite small so never stocks anything!

4. Mulberry Purse - It's Mulberry and it's a purse, which therefore means I need it!

5. Paul and Joe Blusher Stick - Okay, I will admit I want this because it's in the shape of a cat.. There were lipsticks like this a while ago! Paul and Joe is quite expensive as I probably would never use it as I wouldn't want to ruin the cat..but I still want it!

This week has been super busy, especially since Phoebe was born! I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then spent Monday and Tuesday at my sisters house with Phoebe so I'm tired! (Not that I'm complaining as I love my little girlie!) We spent yesterday afternoon in the hospital AGAIN! As my sisters blood pressure is high still! I am honestly in love with Phoebe, it was all a bit hectic on Friday, when I first met her! So I didn't really bond with her or hold her for that long. But spending the whole two days with her was amazing and I am totally obsessed with her! I keep asking my sister to send photos as I miss her! She pretty much slept the whole two days! She doesn't really open her eyes too much either so even when she's awake she keeps them closed! The most adorable thing she does is pouts! She pouts all the time! When I kiss her she pouts back so it's like she is kissing me back! My heart just melts and I want to cuddle her so much! I'm turning into one of those annoying people who only ever talks about babies! OOPS! I'm very sorry, but technically this is a "lifestyle" blog as well as beauty so I am allowed to talk about her ;) I will try not to make this a Phoebe blog and actually talk about something else! ;)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Instagram photos #12

Hello everyone! I didn't do an Instagram post last week so here are my Instagram photos for the past two weeks!

1.Was having a crappy day so watched an episode of suits with a soya hot chocolate! 2.Made a card for my sister! 3.A picture of me and my niece! (blog post on her coming soon!!!) 4.Well done on your results card from my family :) 5.Having a lovely bath 6.Reading Company magasine and having a bath with Lush Candy Cane 7.Mark had this coming out of his sun roof! 8.PANDA LIPS!!

I am not sure whether to do these every two weeks instead of every week as I haven't been Instagramming recently!

I got my AS results on Thursday, I got AABC. I was happy, apart from the C as I got that in a subjects I worked so hard for!! Did any of you get AS/A2 results? What did you get? I'm nosy! ;) I have worked for three days straight and last week was a very stressful week so I'm so happy to be off work after tomorrow until Friday and spending Monday with my Mum, Sister and beautiful niece! :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Mac Face And Body Foundation Review!

Hello! I originally wrote this review as a guest post for Jess but thought you guys may want to see it as well!

I am going to do a review of the Mac Face And Body Foundation! I have had this foundation for about two months now, I will give you some background on my skin type! I would describe my skin as combination perhaps! One day it will be quite dry, the next day it will be normal ish and the next day it will be oilier! Mostly it is dry and this causes numerous problems as almost all foundations cling to the dry patches! Yuck!

At Mac I am NC20, I bought this foundation in the shade N2.

Firstly, I have to say the bottle is HUGE! The majority of foundations are 30ml. This foundation is 120ml, yes FOUR times the normal foundation! Although it was quite expensive (this one was £26.50) you are getting an amazing amount of product for your money! As I have said, I have had this for about two months and I still have pretty much all the product left.

I really like the bottle, being the clumsiest person in the world, glass foundation bottles don't usually work well with me. This is made of plastic, all you need to do is squeeze the bottle and the foundation comes out of the little nozzle. I HATE foundations with no pump or nozzle as I am sat for ages shaking the bottle (which usually ends in me dropping it over the floor) trying to get the product out!

The consistency of this product is very runny! It is a water based foundation so that can be expected! I use either a buffing brush (I like to use the Sephora mineral powder brush) or a sponge (I use a beauty blender dupe from Cosmopolitan) and both work really nicely! Personally I didn't like using a flat foundation brush as the product was just too runny and it ended in it being a tad streaky, which is why I like using a sponge as there are no streaks!

I think the best thing about this foundation is that it doesn't matter too much if you get the wrong shade. I ordered mine online, having never even tried it out! (Mac stores don't seem to sell this!) I read reviews and came to the conclusion that N2 would suit my skin! Because of the consistency it wouldn't matter too much if you got a shade lighter or darker, if you had bought something like Mac Studio Fix Fluid you would be in trouble as you have to get that matched perfectly or it's a disaster! N2 worked out well for me and blends perfectly into my skin.
I personally prefer fuller coverage foundations, having suffered with years of bad skin I just got used to the coverage of them, I was slightly worried that this foundation would be too light in coverage for me! Another great thing about this foundation is that if you want a tinted moisturizer kind of coverage you could and if you were having a bad skin day you could apply more and it would be fully coverage!

If you like your foundation to be matte finish, I would not recommend this foundation. It isn't dewy but there is a nice glow about it, you can set it with a powder if you would like a more matte finish as this also looks lovely! I would 100000% recommend this for people with dry skin! I have always struggled to find foundations that don't cling to the dry patches, this doesn't AT ALL! It is brilliant and I love it for this!

You are probably wondering what it looks like on the skin! Here's a picture of me on holiday wearing the foundation. I am not entirely sure what I am doing in this photo, I think my Mum took it, it looks like I'm posing but I didn't even realise she took the photo! Haha! Please note that I have a pretty decent camera that makes my skin look a lot nicer than it is ;) And please also note that I look pretty awful but you get the idea! ..And what are those things sticking out just under my neck?!! Odd!

Just thought I would let you know that my sister is officially in labour!!! She was induced yesterday morning, so hopefully soon my little niece will be here!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #7

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

1. Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation - As I have mentioned many times, I am a foundation girl. I can never have too many, (this is why almost every Wednesday Wishlist has a foundation in it!) for some reason I really want to try this foundation! If anyone has tried it please leave a comment! I am on a sort of spending ban, but thing when I get paid at the end of the month I am going to buy so many things!

2. Essie Bikini so Teenie - Two people on my Instagram uploaded photos of their nails with this colour on, I immediately knew I had to have it, it looked like a really beautiful colour! I bet my boots won't have it, as every colour I really want, they never have!

3. Mulberry Del Ray Bag - I have wanted a Mulberry bag since forever, I'm not too fussy which one! But I really love the Del Ray bag, this colour is beautiful and there is also a petrol blue colour they recently added!

4. A Pug - I don't think I can wait until I've finished with university and have my own place before I can get a dog! :(

5. Revlon Photoready Primer - I have a problem, where I literally just want things. This is one of those, I never use primers but I really want this one for absolutely no reason!

Yesterday was an eventful day, I decided to go with my sister to her hospital appointment (Mark was at work so couldn't go) with Mum. Firstly we went to Mothercare, if you don't live in the UK and don't know what Mothercare is, it is basically a big pregnancy/baby store. She needed some nursing bras (they are as glamorous as they sound!) so we went there first, it was a hilarious experience as nursing bras are very lovely! ;) We then went to the hospital, it was meant to be just a check up type thing, to check her blood pressure. Her blood pressure was quite high, which is had been for the past few times she had gone so they took her upstairs (to the maternity ward! My thought was "YES, I GET TO SEE THE BAAABIESS!") where we were for FOUR hours before they told her they wanted her to stay overnight! I don't know if you ever spend much time in a hospital but they are not fun! We had to just talk to each other the whole time! We did see one newborn, the mother was being pushed in a wheelchair by the midwife, while the dad pushed the baby at about 1 mile an hour, like the baby would break if it went any faster! We all stared at the tiny baby whilst the father had the biggest smile on his face, it was so cute!

By about eight o'clock we were all knackered! Me and Mum had to go back to my house, to pick up my sisters house key, then go to my sisters house to pack her a bag! We then went back to the hospital, just as we were walking back in, we saw a couple walk out with their brand new baby girl! We talked to them and she was 6lb 8oz so she was quite small, she was called Florence. (this made my Mum love her even more as she adores that name!) I had my sisters pillow over my stomach as it is huge and the midwife pulled it away and said "oo is there a baby in there" haha I think she thought I had gone into labour and was arriving at the hospital!

So I am spending today in bed as I was so knackered yesterday! My sister should be allowed home today! She is back in next Wednesday to be induced! So in about a week and a half there will be a little baby! Unless she comes earlier (according to the midwife her head if quite far down, so you never know!)

What products have you been lusting after this week?


Friday, 10 August 2012

Holiday Pictures! (Picture Heavy Post!)

Hello! Here are some of the photos I took while on holiday! I didn't take as many as I did in previous years but I will just show you a couple! Also please ignore my blog at the moment! The design is a bit all over the place! I am trying to sort a few things out with it!

In case you don't know I went to Cyprus, we were in Coral Bay. I have been to Cyprus four times now, it's a really lovely place, the people speak English so it's a lot easier in restaurants to order food than in somewhere like Spain where the only Spanish I know is "las matematicas es menos interesante que la ciencia" if you put that into google translate you will realize how useful that sentence is in a restaurant!
We stayed for two weeks in a really lovely villa, you can see the picture of my room, it was decorated with beautiful Japanese art. The whole house had different art pieces everywhere, the woman who owned the house is an artist, she came over one day to fix the air conditioning in my room and saw my camera on my bed. She asked if I would photograph some of her art work for her for an exhibition! We went to her villa and met her very lovely dog Ty, who you can see loves to swim in the pool!
It was absolutely boiling throughout the whole time we were there! I cannot deal with heat very well so it was quite difficult for me and a lot of the time was spent sat by the fan blogging!
I tweeted yesterday about doing some personal posts on here, I love beauty posts and talking about products but I also love just writing a post about how I feel or giving advice. A few people said they would love to read those type of posts so let me know if you would too!


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #6

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

1. Apple Imac - I pretty much am lusting after every Apple product. If anyone has some cash lying about, I would LOVE an iphone, ipad, imac and a macbook ;)

2. Michael Kors Watch - I already have the rose gold watch, it a tiny bit smaller than this one. I love the look of them and think they are quite reasonably priced compared to many others!

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - I have had so many people recommend this to me! At the moment I am loving my Mac face and body and have so many other foundations I think this one may have to wait!

4. Topshop Leigh Jeans - Topshop jeans are my absolute favourite they fit perfectly, I'm a UK size 6 and find it so difficult to find my size in so many shops! Topshop do my size in every item they have, I visit so many shops that only have size 6 in certain items! Grr!

5. Topshop Lipstick In Pillow Talk - This was in a collection a while ago and I almost picked it up! I was so annoyed at myself as it was limited edition! But the brilliant people at Topshop put it into the permanent line! Yay!

Yesterday I had my theory test (not sure if you do this in other countries, it's basically a test on "rules of the road" and you need it to take your driving test) and I passed! I was so nervous, but now all I need to do is pass my driving test and me and my Ford KA (she's called Vera just in case you were wondering ;) are on the road! YAY!

What have you been lusting after this week?


Sunday, 5 August 2012

My week in Instagram photos #11

Hello! Here's what I've been up to this week! I've gained lots of new followers so thank you all and hello!

1.Watched Pretty Woman for the first time, I loved it! Julia Roberts is just brilliant! 2.My new favourite show it really is awesome! I now want to be a lawyer hahaha! 3.I burnt my hand!! Just kidding! 4.Preparing my camera for a bump photoshoot with my sister! 5.Not bad for a first attempt! 6.I love Daddy and I love Mummy onesies for my niece! 7.Watching Dexter with a cup of tea! 8.Having a lazy day in bed!

I don't know about you guys but I am really getting into the Olympics! I have watched almost every sport! At the beginning I was only going to watch sprints, diving, swimming, gymnastics and equestrian but I have watched everything! Even judo and fencing! I don't even know the rules! Hahaha! Plus there are a lot of very handsome men! As well as body envy! Mainly from Jessica Ennis, have you seen her abs!!

What have you all been up to this week? Have you been watching any of the Olympics?

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