Friday, 31 January 2014

Wantable Subscription Box

I was offered the chance to try out a Wantable box, they are a monthly subscription box which provides handpicked, boutique makeup, accessories and intimates at great value. You can choose which kind of box you would like, out of the makeup, accessories or intimates box. The Makeup box comes with 4 to 5 full size premium items, the accessories box comes with 3 to 4 private label items and the intimates box comes with 3 to 4 luxury brand items. They work with brands like Coobie, NCLA, Bersey Johnson, Steve Madden and FACE Stockholm. Unlike many other subscription boxes, the products are full size! The subscription fee is $36 a month, or a single box for $40, if you add up all the products I received in my box, it equals A LOT more than the $40 you pay so you really do get your moneys worth, it's also a really great way to find new brands and try products you may not normally pick up. 
 The brand focusses on being a discovery platform, every box is personalised based on your style quiz and you will never get sent an item you say you dislike on the quiz. And the great thing for us UK girls is that they now ship to the UK! You can check out their website here!

In my makeup box I got:

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme 
This is a sample product in the box, you get two small samples of the mousse eyeshadow.

Sorme Smearproof Lipliner - in Natural Nude $12
A really pretty natural lip liner that stops lipstick bleeding, a creamy textured but long lasting liner. It hydrates lips and contains vitamin C and E to help prevent lip lines. 

Besame Cosmetics Cherry Red Lipstick $22
A true red lipstick with a semi matte finish and a smooth feather proof finish. The packaging is similar to 1940s lipstick packaging, gold plated bullet shaped case. Enriched with vitamins A, E and C, aloe and green tea. It's such a beautiful shade and it's very moisturising.

Michael Marcus Prime Brush $20
A brush made of super fine talon, perfect for applying foundation, concealer or primer.

Manna Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion $29
A lightweight sheer finish highlighter that reflects light and draws eyes to all the right places! Can be mixed with lotion or foundation to get a glowing complexion.

Have you ever bought a subscription box?


Monday, 27 January 2014

Loving Lately - Non-Beauty Favourites

I've been thinking of making this a regular thing and doing "non-beauty favourites" every month (or every so often!) and just share some films/tv/music that I've been loving!

Anna Lee and Jesse 
I recently found Anna Lee and Jesse's youtube channel and I am obsessed, I watch them one after another and have almost watched them all! They do follow-me-around style vlogs which are some of my favourite videos to watch. Check out their channel here.

Sex and the City
I had seen both of the Sex and the City movies but never the TV show, when I finished University for Christmas I started watching the TV series and managed to get through all six series (in one month!!) I got addicted, it's such a lovely girly show to watch!

George Ezra
I was stuck in traffic when I heard an interview with George Ezra on Radio One, I decided to look up his music on spotify and I've been obsessed! There's only five songs that I've managed to find at the moment but I've been listening to them non stop! I would really recommend you check him out!

We'll Take Manhattan 
I was having a lazy evening in and decided to watch the film We'll Take Manhattan, I had never really heard of it before but it's based around David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton so I knew it would be my kind of film.

I've been baking a lot more recently, above is a picture of some cakes I decorated. I've been trying to bake some healthier things too, so if anyone has recipe ideas please leave them in the comments!

Coral Hunters 
Oh, how pretty are these? I've always wanted a pair of Hunters and when I spotted these coral ones on Tumblr I knew I had to have them! They are so cute and are top of my wish list!


Friday, 24 January 2014

Blog Sale! Nars, Benefit and more!

I've been meaning to get rid of some products/items that I no longer use/wear! All the items have been used less than two times and are in good condition. If you want anything just follow the rules below!

UK buyers only (sorry!)
On a first come, first served basis.
If you see an item you would like, please comment below with which item/items you would like and your paypal email address so I can send an invoice.
Paypal payment only.
If you need to know any more about any of the items you can tweet me @georginalucyy or email me
All items will be posted within 4 working days from payment.
No returns.
Once items are sold they will be marked.
If you haven't paid within 24 hours of the invoice being sent, it will be made available for others to buy. 
Postage is £2.50 for each item and 50p per additional item.
Vintage Denim Reworked High Waisted Levi 501 Shorts. Size 26" Waist.
More images here.  £18 SOLD.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Honey. Wrong shade for me, used twice.
Benefit The Porefessional. Used twice. SOLD.
The Body Shop Tinted Moisturizer. Used Once.
Vichy Dermablend. Used Twice.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold. Swatched Once.
 Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Palette. Never used, plastic cover still on.


YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick - Fuchsia in Rage

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick - Fuchsia in Rage £24

YSL is one of my favourite makeup brands, their Touche Eclat Foundation is amazing and their Faux Cils Mascara is also lovely! I had been dying to try their lipsticks for ages as I had only heard amazing things about them, I decided on the Rouge Volupte Shine in Fuchsia in Rage, it was a shade that's a little out of my comfort zone but it was different to any other lipsticks that I own. YSL claim that the Rouge Volupte Shine's "melt on your lips." I think this is probably the nicest lipstick I own in terms of applying it, I have really dry lips and applying lipstick usually involves a long process of exfoliating lips and applying lip balm. This lipstick glides on and is SO moisturising that I don't have to worry about whether it's accentuating any dry skin. The packaging is, as always, beautiful. The beautiful gold packaging makes it feel so expensive (which of course it is!) and luxurious. I think YSL really do a good job with their packaging! The lipstick is quite pricey at £24 but I don't regret spending that much at all, I love the finish and the packaging so I don't really think twice about spending that much. The lipstick is actually quite long lasting which I wasn't expecting as it is very moisturising on the lips which usually means lipsticks slip and slide everywhere but I was pleased with the staying power. I wouldn't think twice about buying another one and already have my eye on Pink in Paris and Corale Intuitive which are similar to the kind of shades I usually pick up but I can't resist!

Have you tried any YSL lipsticks? 


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pixi Glow Tonic

I was in Carnaby Street when I saw a Pixi store, it was never a brand I had really bought anything from or really considered buying anything from. I decided to pop in and I immediately spotted the Glow Tonic, I had remembered hearing a couple of things about it and that it was quite hard to get hold of so I decided to pick it up. It retails for £16 which I don't think is too bad, it is a toner and I tend to use it after my cleanser in the evening. I have used toners before but I found that they were drying on my skin and made it feel really tight. As I hadn't heard too much about it, I didn't really have any expectations or high hopes about it, using a cotton pad I go over the whole of my face, focussing slightly more on the areas of my face with more acne scarring. I have a lot of acne scarring, having had skin issues for about five years I have a lot of scars and blemishes on my skin and nothing has got rid of them! After about four days I noticed that the redness and scarring on my cheek had gone down considerably, this was quite shocking as it had been red and inflamed for months now so to see it suddenly reduced was not what I was expecting. As I continued to use it, almost all of the acne scarring had gone, I'm now left with much clearer skin as I don't have a huge patch of redness on my cheek, I also don't have to use as much concealer, yay! The bottle is quite simple and nothing special but the pump works well and I haven't had any issues with it. After I bought it, I googled it to read some reviews, quite a few people said they weren't a massive fan of the smell, it isn't the most appealing smell, it reminds me of old ladies but I don't find it unbearable or anything like that! I think the one down side to this product is that it's not the easiest to get hold of, I went to the flagship store in Fouberts Place (near Carnaby Street and only a short walk from Oxford Street) but if you don't live near London it can be a pain! You can now buy it online on the Pixi Website here, it was out of stock for a while but it came back into stock the other day so pick it up before it sells out again! I also think they've changed the packaging to a taller cylinder shaped bottle! This didn't make my skin feel tight or dry at all, it makes my skin look so much clearer which I never expected as I've dealt with problem skin for years and been on medication to sort it out so I never thought a product would help it!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 £15.95

I've wanted to try Sigma brushes for ages but I never knew which one to try first! I finally narrowed it down to the Kabuki brushes and couldn't choose between the Flat Top Kabuki and the Round Top Kabuki. I decided on the F80 Flat Kabuki as I own a few round top brushes and have never tried a flat top brush! I ordered the brush from Cocktail Cosmetics, I think you can also get Sigma brushes from but they sometimes get taken off that website so I think Cocktail Cosmetics is the best bet! The brush retails for £15.95 which I think is really reasonable, especially as they rival Mac brushes. I use this brush with my liquid foundation, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It makes it so quick to apply foundation compared to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, it is a lot denser than any brush I've tried before, which I personally love. I was slightly worried that the brush would struggle around my nose as it's flat topped so I thought it would be difficult to get the product evenly distributed but it works really well. The main thing I'm impressed by is how soft the brush is, it definitely rivals both Mac brushes and Real Techniques brushes and I am 100% going to buy more! It is now my favourite brush for applying foundation, it is so so soft and applies my foundation so quickly!

Have you ever tried Sigma brushes? Which would you recommend?


Friday, 17 January 2014

Nicky Clarke Smooth and Shine Hot Air Styler

 I've always been completely awful at drying my hair, I wish I could do it the fancy way the hairdressers do it but as multi-tasking is not my strong point, it never works. The Nicky Clarke Smooth and Shine Hot Air Styler is the way to achieve a salon blow dry at home! It helps to smooth out your hair and prevents it getting frizzy, the styler comes with two sized brushes which are really each to change around and attach, I use the larger one on my hair and the smaller one on my fringe. When I use this, I towel dry my hair and then in small sections I just work the brush through my hair in the same technique that they do at salons. It's SO much easier than using a brush and a hair dryer! It does take quite a lot longer to dry my hair than a normal hairdryer and does take more effort and concentration so it's not something I do every single day as it can be time consuming, but when I want my hair to look salon styled, this is what I use! I know with some other stylers, the heads rotate which makes the whole process a lot easier, this one doesn't. It's not a huge problem it just takes a bit more getting used to, to get the technique right. When I usually dry my hair, it can go quite frizzy and wavy, using this elimanates any frizz and makes it nice and straight too so I don't need to straighten my hair too much after using it, compared to before when I had to spend a lot of time getting rid of the kinks! I would really recommend this if you like that salon finish to your hair, it definitely makes styling afterwards so much easier!

Have you ever tried a hot air styler?


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tag: The Blogger Made Me Buy It!

I was tagged by the lovely Katie from Sugar Fixx Beauty to do the Blogger Made Me Buy it Tag! It was originally made by Danniella from Famous in Japan so make sure to check out their answers to the questions!

1. Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?

I would definitely say Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup, I always end up purchasing products she recommends! I rely on both Temptalia and Cafe Makeup for product swatches and reviews.

2. Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

If I'm looking to buy something, I generally google it and find as many reviews as I can from different bloggers, this is also such a great way to find new blogs! If it's a foundation, I also have a look on youtube at foundation routines, to see the product in action! 

3. What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

Probably the Naked Palette and the Naked 3 Palette! I love them so much, they are perfect if you generally wear more neutral eye looks. Blogs definitely encouraged me to buy these, especially the Naked 3 Palette, there were so many blog posts about it, I couldn't resist!

4. What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I rarely buy products that I end up disliking, I tend to only not get along with a product if it breaks me out or doesn't work on my skin type. My least favourite product would be the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and it completely messed up my skin. I then decided to give it another go and it screwed it up again, it's never been the same since! *sadface* It's such a shame as so many people I know use it religiously and adore it!

5. Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blog.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Pixi Glow Tonic, Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette, Anastasia Brow Wiz! 

6. Have you ever given in to blogger hype? If so, which hype?

I would have to say the Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette, I'm not even into blushers that much but after reading reviews I just had to buy it, I'm glad I did, it's beautiful! I think the crazy amount of blog posts on this palette made me want it more and the fact that it was limited edition! 

7. Have you ever avoided blogger hype? If so, which hype?

I wasn't fussed about the Rimmel Apocalips, I have looked at them a few times in Boots but the shades just don't appeal to me for some reason! 

8. Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?

Most things I buy, I look up reviews for but sometimes if I'm in Boots or Superdrug and I see something that looks interesting, I'll pick it up!

I tag
Becky -
Sarah - (get blogging again!!!)
Jordan -
and everyone else who wants to do it!


Monday, 13 January 2014

What The Fox Say?

 Dress: Asos Leather Jacket: Topshop Ring: Accessorize Boots: Topshop

This is my first outfit of the day in about a year and a half! Recently I decided to incorporate more fashion into my blog as it's something I've been getting into a lot more, I have to say taking these photos was a mission! I had to do it on my own, without a remote so focussing was so difficult, I can definitely say I'm a lot more confident behind the camera than in front of it! Hopefully I will get the hand of it more (including posing, I find it very awkward!) as I do more OOTD's! This is the outfit I wore when I went shopping in London the other day, I recently bought this Asos Fox Smock dress which I absolutely love! If you are planning on buying any of the Asos Smock Dresses, I would recommend buying at least two sizes smaller than your normal size. I am usually a UK 6, I could only get a UK 4 and it was still massive, so massive that I had to sew it in about four inches each side and it's still very roomy! It was the first day in ages that wasn't too cold so I put on my trusty leather jacket from Topshop and my simple black Topshop Boots. As the boots have rose gold details, I wore my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch and a cute stone ring with rose gold from Accessorize. 


Friday, 10 January 2014

Haul: Selfridges, Brandy Melville, Forever 21, Muji and Pixi

I decided the other day that I fancied going into London, so on Wednesday I went. I had a few hours on my own before meeting up with my friend, I've never gone into London completely on my own so it was nice to go to wherever I wanted, go to all the shops I wanted and spend as long in them as I wanted! I prefer shopping on my own too! First I went to Kings Road, when I was in LA I found a store called Brandy Melville and when I googled it I found out they had a store in Chelsea. I loved it when I was in LA but the London store wasn't quite as good! The staff were..okay, they didn't really acknowledge me at all. I tried on quite a few items as I really love their clothes, the *unique* thing about Brandy Melville is that their sizing is "one size fits all" or at least "most." I tried on a skirt and a dress and they were so so tight, I couldn't actually get the skirt on. Now, I'm a UK size 6, bearing in mind the average size for UK women is a 14 they really don't cater for that many people! It is also quite expensive for quite simple tops and jumpers, they don't really do the prices properly either as I found a jumper that was $40 and they were selling it for £38...hmm. I tried on this thick beige cardigan/jacket. It's thicker than a cardigan but not quite a coat, it looks a lot better on than it does in the photo, it was £55 which is quite a lot but I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it and it is super comfortable! Next I went to Carnaby Street which I really loved, I've never been there before but it's really cute and has lots of different shops there so there is something for everyone. 

I found a Pixi store, this isn't a brand I've really looked into that much but I found the Glow Tonic, I had heard that this was quite hard to get hold of and I quickly googled it to see what other people had thought of it. Out of the couple of reviews I read, it seemed to get the thumbs up so I gave it a purchase, my skin has been horrendous lately so I'm really excited to give it a go! I then popped into Muji, I've been meaning to purchase some acrylic storage for my makeup for ages, I bought the Narrow Two Drawer which was £8.50 which I thought was very reasonable! Then, a cheeky purchase, I had been looking for a new foundation because quite frankly, 30 is not quite enough for me.. ;) I remembered Anna (from Vivianna Does Makeup) and Ysis (from LeBeautyGirl) talking about how much they loved this foundation so I went into Selfridges and before I knew it I had bought it, it was such an impulse purchase but I'm so looking forward to testing it out! Finally I went into Forever 21, I bought a pair of dark Grey Jeans (seven pounds!!!) as I had been looking at buying a pair for a while. I also bought a black textured cardigan!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Oh yes, another Naked Palette 3 review. I apologise, it's just too beautiful not to share. I bought the first one last January, I was very late to the party! I instantly fell in love with it and was so excited when they announced the release of a third, it's very different to the first and second, it is more cool toned and the shades are more pink in comparison to the previous two. I think a lot of people thought that they couldn't really do another Naked Palette, how many neutral shade variations can you make? However I think this one is definitely worth it, even if you have the previous two. The packaging is more like the second one than the first, it's metal which, to me, makes it feel more sturdy. It's a rose gold colour which I think is perfect as it really reflects the shades you get inside the palette. I personally didn't find the shades too pink at all and this is coming from someone who cannot go near pink shadows without looking like I've had some sort of allergic reaction, they aren't overly pink at all. I have blue eyes and I have to say that this palette really makes my eyes "pop" (oh god, I hate that term) and stand out, it really is stunning and I have used it every single day since I got it. My personal favourite look is to have Buzz all over the lid, Trick in the inner part of the eye and either Liar or Nooner in the crease. I find these shadows have less fallout compared to the original palette, with the exception of Dust which is fallout crazy but I'll let it off because it's a beautiful shade. I also find that they last longer and don't crease quite as much as the shadows in my Naked 1 Palette. I've been in love with the Naked 1 palette for a year but it has been replaced, all the shades in the palette leave me "ooo-ing" and "aaah-ing" as they are such pretty and flattering colours, they compliment my skin tone and eye colour more than the original palette does. 

With the palette you also get a double ended brush, while I usually hate brushes that come with palettes, I find that the ones that come with Urban Decay products are actually very decent! On one end is a "laying down" type brush, which I use to apply shadow all over my lid and on the other end is more of a blending brush. You also get four different Primer Potions, each sachet will probably last you a week or so, I love the Primer Potion so it's nice to get that too! Now, onto the's £37 which is obviously a lot of money to pay for one product, however you get 12 shadows which works out at £3 per shadow, which I personally think is really good! I had £15 worth of Debenhams beauty points stored up so I used those and ended up paying £22, making it slightly easier to handle. However I do think you get a really great product for your money, I have used my Naked 1 palette for a year and haven't hit pan on any of the shadows so the shadows really do last ages! 



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