Friday, 29 June 2012

June Favourites!

Hello, here are my favourite products for the month of June!

The Body Shop Warming Face Mask - As with most Body Shop products I bought this on a whim, I seem to never go in there unless they have a sale on (when I bought this they had a 3 for 2 offer) I just wanted to buy a mask I could use once or twice a week. I am in love with this face mask! It doesn't dry so you cannot move your face it is just really nice! After I use it my skin feels super soft and my pores are visibly reduced in size!

Mac Lipstick - "Up The Amp"- Before I got this lipstick I had only tried one Mac lipstick, which I really like but wasn't blown away by! Especially as they are super expensive! But I love the formula of this lipstick and the colour is beautiful!

L'oreal Eyeliner "Iced Chesnut"- This is my "go to" eyeliner, as I have said before I find black eyeliner way too harsh on my fair skin and blue eyes. I would totally recommend using a brown eyeliner instead of black, this eyeliner lasts all day and the colour is very pretty!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer- As I have said before, this is the BEST concealer I have ever used! It is so cheap, works on red coloured blemishes and is amazing for under the eyes!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- I think this was in my last favourites post, this beats all foundations I have used, including all my high end ones! This is only £9.99. You can see my review here

Estee Lauder Gel Eyeliner- Any day I am wearing makeup I wear gel eyeliner! I feel naked without it! This is by far my favourite gel eyeliner, it goes on so smoothly, is SO black and lasts ALL day long!

Mac Mineralize Blush Warm Soul- I bought this blush at the beginning of June and have worn it everyday! I tend to prefer blushes with more shimmer. I also prefer mineralize blushes that just flat coloured blushes and this one is just beautiful!

What products have you been loving this month?


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Revlon Lip Butter : Strawberry Shortcake

Hello, I was just perusing Boots the other day when I saw that Revlon were on three for two, I needed a mascara to take on holiday with me (18 days!!!) and had seen smoked peach lipstick which I had heard so much about. I had also heard tons about the lip butters so picked up one in the shade 'Strawberry Shortcake' it just looked like a really pretty pink colour.

I have extremely dry lips, almost every lipstick/gloss/stain just highlights ANY dry parts on my lips, when I applied this it was SO moisturizing and is such a pretty colour. On my lips lipsticks are either so drying or so moisturizing that they just slip of my lips within a second! This lip butter lasted so well on my lips! I would one hundred percent recommend this shade, when I get paid (Friday cannot come sooner!) I am to buy them all! (Well maybe I'm exaggerating but I am going to buy as many as my balance will allow!)

Am I the only person who thinks my face looks VERY weird? Hmm..

On a side note, I would not recommend blogging on a tablet, it has taken me forever as every time I go to press the space bar it doesn't work!! I am also insanely jealous of everyone at LA IMATS I have been watching everyones vlogs and am dying of jealousy! I wanted to go to the London one earlier this year but had no one to go with! (non of my friends are that interested in going, I will probably just end up going on my own!)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

My week in Instagram photos #5

Hello, here's what I've been up to this week! I am currently writing a million posts so posts will hopefully be frequent this week!

Harvey trying to hide behind the bin!

Things for the baby shower arrived!

My new bunny ears ring!

Mini rucksack for my niece!

Barry M"Berry Ice Cream" and OPI "crown me already" on my nails!

Topshop and La Senza purchases!

First batch of my nieces baby clothes on the washing line!

Watching old home videos, my sister was pushing me (violently!!) in my baby bouncer!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Accessorize Lovely Day Palette

Hello, firstly I am SO SORRY for not posting in what seems like FOREVER! College has been crazy to go back to and I have been so tired, I also had work today!

I'm just going to quickly talk about the Accessorize Lovely Day palette!

I bought this from Superdrug for £8.95. I think this is amazing for 32 eyeshadows. There are tons of different colours, some lovely brown shades, purples, blues, oranges, you could easily use this every day and have a different look each time!

The pigmentation is pretty good, they look good in this photo, they seemed to be more pigmented when I used my fingers. When I used eye shadow brushes it required a lot more than other shadows I use. Another thing I didn't really like was that there is fallout when you apply the shadows which can be annoying! I do really like this palette. Just keep in mind that these are not the best eye shadows for pigmentation and there is some fallout, but if you can deal with that totally get this palette!

As always please leave requests for any posts you would like to read!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

My week in Instagram photos #4

Hello, here's what I've been up to this week!

My MAC order arrived!

New vintage top!

Waking up at six thirty! :'(

Stopping for lunch at a uni open day!

Cutest card!

Harvey being a brat and stamping his foot when I would give him attention!

Dad's fathers day card!

How adorable is this hat for my niece? There is an elephant one in baby gap that I also need to get her!

What have you been up to this week?


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: MUA Heaven and Earth palette!

Ever since MUA was first released I have been in love! If you are unaware of the brand, they are stocked in Superdrug and all items of the main range are only £1. They also have a "professional" range which includes eyes, face and nail products, the most expensive product being only £4! At first I was skeptical about how good the quality would be, cheaper drugstore products tend to have tacky looking packaging and are often not great quality, however after trying the lipsticks and eye shadows I am love! The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and are beautiful while the lipsticks are very moisturizing, not at all drying and come in a range of stunning shades.

I decided to purchase the "Heaven and Earth" palette last year and since then it has been a stable in my makeup collection. I always reach for it, I use neutral shades a lot more than bright ones so this palette it absolutely PERFECT!

A lot of people have compared this to the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I still haven't bought! If you cannot afford the Naked palette I would one hundred percent recommend this instead! This palette costs only £4 which I think is great value for money as you are paying around 33p for each eye shadow. As I said this palette is great for me as I use neutral colours everyday but for the more adventurous there are a number of other palettes with brighter colours.

As you can see from the swatches, the shadows have amazing pigmentation, I was blown away with the eye shadows, I did not expect them to be as good as they are, with only one swipe! They have great staying power on my eyes and the colours are beautiful! The only thing I think they could have improved on would be to include more matte shades, but that's only me being fussy! Another down side is that it is only available in the UK! This sucks as I really think everyone should have the chance to try this palette! They recently released a new palette called "undressed" which I am dying to try!

Have you tried any MUA products?


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Haul: Urban Outfitters, MAC, The Body Shop and more!

Hello, here's a few items I have picked up recently! I went to a vintage fair so the clothing I got from that has no labels or anything so I don't have links I can give you if you like them! :( I went to Bath (post about that here) last week and bought some things from Urban Outfitters, then went to Mac and bought one thing. (we were meant to go back but didn't so I ordered the foundation and blusher online!) I also had a little shop around town and picked up some other items.

Mac "Up the amp" lipstick £13.50, Face and Body foundation in N2 £25.50, Mineralize blush in "Warm Soul" £19
After Estee showed this blush in a haul ages ago I had to have it, I have wanted it for so long and I'm so happy I finally got it! I have also wanted Face and Body foundation for over a year, I don't think I have heard a negative review of it so I'm excited to finally try it out! I wasn't looking to buy a lipstick but after I swatched this one I had to have it!

Up the amp and Warm Soul

I am obsessed with cute patterned things and when I saw this I had to buy it!!

I am too OCD or if the fact this is wonky on the hanger annoying anyone else?

Blazer - River Island £35

Another vintage item! One of my favourite Coco Chanel quotes!

Key necklace - Minimum Mouse £6
I have wanted a key necklace like this for ages!!

Lego earrings - Minimum mouse £3

Rabbit ears ring - Little Treasures £6

Pug t-shirt - Urban outfitters mens section £20
In the mens section but I just had to have it!

Camera lens cup - Urban outfitters £20

Letter organizer - WHSmith £7.99
I thought this would be awesome for makeup palettes and it houses them perfectly!

The Body Shop - Warming mineral mask £9, tinted moisture lotion £10, face mist £7

What items have you purchased recently?



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