Saturday, 29 September 2012

September Favourites!

Hello! Firstly a quick congratulations to Angela for winning my giveaway!! 

 Here are the products I have been loving this month!

When I originally got this I HATED it, I was using a product at the same time which I later discovered had broken me out! I decided to try this again and I am so happy!! My skin is so much clearer and generally feels so much nicer! If you would like a full review I will do one!

This is an old favourite of mine! It is just a really great foundation, I use it on days when I'm busy and rushing around as it is a matte finish and I don't have to touch up or powder my skin when I wear this!

I received this from Sophia when I won her giveaway, it was one I had wanted to try for ages so that's why I chose it! I am planning on doing a review so I won't talk about it too much!

This is a translucent powder, which I usually hate! However I really like the finish this gives, I recently found Look Beauty in my local Superdrug and had wanted to try it for ages! I bought so many products, most of which are really lovely!

I bought this a few weeks ago, it was an impulse buy. I really didn't need a 16th foundation but it just looked so lovely! Whenever I'm not wearing the Revlon Colorstay I wear this!

Honestly, I have never been a mascara girl, it doesn't excite me but I am 100% in love with this mascara, it is hands down the best!

What products have you been loving lately?


Friday, 28 September 2012

Guest Post: Fall 2012 Trends!

Hi Everyone! I'm Jessica a fellow beauty blogger who can be found here.  I'm so excited to be Georgina's guest blogger she's such a sweet girl & has become a good friend. Hope u enjoy this!!

FALL 2012 Trends 

Printed Pants/Leggings: continue to be a HOT commodity for Fall & can be found as pretty floral prints, retro tye die prints & even skull prints...whichever you like you can find these funky jeans/leggings at Top Shop 

Lace: seen in retro & modern styles this Fall, lace is making a recurring appearance. From lacy tops, to skirts & dresses these from ZARA are perfect staple pieces.

Burgundy: has been seen on runways not just in the clothing but on the lips of the models too! Call it bordeaux, oxblood or maroon this color is a must-have for Fall...even I've jumped on the bandwagon with this jacket I got from H&M read about it HERE 
Tell us which trend you'll be sporting this Fall?




Monday, 24 September 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #16

Hello! Here's what I've been up to this week!

One of my favourite songs at the moment // Writing an essay on marxism when I realise I don't know what marxism is! // Came home to find Phoebe! // I caved and bought the new YSL touche eclat foundation! // I really want this coat!! // Me being a poser! // Dad put 24 fake spiders around my room!! I had to find them all! //  MGMT's album is the best for a workout! // "It's tiring being this cute!" // Playing guitar and making up songs! // Mum bought me a present! // Back packed and ready for a trip to London // I bought a few things, best shop ever. // Phoebe found that in between my boobs is a great place to rest her hand! // Making cookies! // Phoebe was all comfy watching formula one! // Because every five week old need a dinosaur place mat! // Coookkiiiiessss!

You can follow me on Instagram @GeorginaLu

This is a new style of doing this post. Do you prefer how the photos are laid out here or in previous posts? What have you been up to this week?


Sunday, 23 September 2012

How To: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hello! So this morning I decided to make some cookies! At college you have to enroll onto an activity as well as studying. My friend persuaded me to do something called "online cooking" it is basically where we cook at home and talk about what we did. Being someone who doesn't really like food or cooking, I wondered why I agreed to do this course. However I feel like I need to get better at cooking seeing as I am moving out next year and will have to cook on my own! Here are how you can make some yummy chocolate chip cookies!

Butter 8oz (2 sticks)
Sugar 8oz (1 cup)
2 eggs
Plain Flour 10oz (1 1/4 cup)
Pinch of Salt
Lots of chocolate chips! 
Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon
Vanilla Essence/Extract
Firstly pre-heat your oven to around 180 degrees Celsius!

Cream together your butter and sugar in a bowl. 

Beat in the two eggs.

Add vanilla essence.

Gently stir in the flour, baking powder and salt.

Add as many chocolate chips as you want. (I used the whole packet!)

Spoon them onto a baking tray covered in grease proof. 

Put in the oven until they are slightly golden!

Put them on a pretty napkin and eat!! 

They are so quick and simple to make! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #11 and new layout!!

Hello! So here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

I tried this on in the store yesterday and it's safe to say I am in love. I uploaded a picture to Instagram of me trying it on if you would like to see! It is super comfy and the hood is so nice and warm!

I have wanted this for ages! I think it would be great for filling in my brows but also in the crease of my eyes!

Also tried this on yesterday, would be great for casual days when I just want to throw something on!

I love this! I am considering purchasing a dupe from Sophia's Store as they are identical and the prices are so much more reasonable!

As you can probably tell I got my blog re-designed, it was done by Steph! I am so happy with the final result! There are a few things that need to be changed, I can't reply to comments at the moment! Hopefully that will change as I love replying to your comments!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Week In Instagram Photos #15

Hello! Here are a ton of Instagram photos from this week!
1. Chilling with Phoebe 2. My cousin burnt herself ;) 3. My cousin and Phoebe 4. My parents anniversary card from my Uncle! 5. Mum bought Pheebs a snow suit! 6. Had a Starbucks and got a free Doctor Who episode 7. We ran out of soya milk :( 8. Pheebs! 9. Got invited to an event where my photography is being shown, but its in Manchester! :( 10. My dinner! 11. Package from Sophia's giveaway arrived! 12. Mum made banana bread! 13. My foundations! I have too many! 14. Me and my best friends shoes! 15. Harvey made himself comfy! 16. I want a pug! 17.I had to sit in the library after I had a panic attack :( 18. My new shoes!! 19. "ET phone home"20. #SuicideAwarnessDay 21. My Topshop purchases! 22. Dexter! 23. Off for a driving lesson!24. Having a cup of tea! 25. Bunny on the bed! 26. Sleepy bunny! 27. Makeup purchases! 28.Shoes I need!

Friday, 14 September 2012

MUA Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce my first ever giveaway! Yay! The prices are three MUA products! This is my first giveaway and I am a student, so the prizes are quite small! When I am able to save up I will do a bigger giveaway! Maybe when I reach 500 followers! :)

So, here's what you can win!

MUA undressed palette, eyeshadow shade 12 and shade 24!

All you need to do is follow the instructions on rafflecopter!
The giveaway is open to UK only.
I apologize for this, but I just cannot afford to ship!
The giveaway will end in two weeks, on 28th September at 12:01am EST.

Good luck!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #10

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

I saw a swatch of this on another blog, it looked beautiful! I then went onto the Topshop website and was very shocked, the image looks NOTHING like the swatch. The swatch looked similar to St Germain by Mac, if you are looking at the photo and thinking "That's way too bright" go into the store and swatch it!

I saw these in store and unfortunately they didn't have my size, I wanted chelsea boots quite a while ago. I always thought they made my feet look HUGE, they are already a size seven! I think that heels don't make your feet look quite as big!

I also tried a studded jacket on in Topshop, it was really short and looked really strange, I love the look of this one!

They have lipsticks on! I need them! These are just the cutest jeans ever! I absolutely love everything Nasty Gal stock, I don't love their prices! ;)

What items have you been lusting after this week?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Instagram Photos #14

1.Chilling with my favourite girly! 2.Phoebe! 3.The weather was too nice to be going to work! 4.Going out to dinner with my girls :) 5.My breakfast! 6.Posing in the bathroom! ;) 7.Still working on my essay! 8.Old photo from holiday! 9.I tucked Phoebes top in her leggings! Simon Cowell, eat your heart out ;) 10.One of my favourite movies and favourites actors! So sad he's died :( 11.Watching Suits with Mumma! 12. People are unable to spell my name! :( 13.Last minute psychology work before I went back to college! 14.Got invited to an event but can't go because I'm working! :( 15.Psychology work! Snore!

I think it's clear, I have been Instagramming A LOT more recently! About 50 photos every day! Haha! I'm so sorry for not posting recently, bad blogger!! I am having my blog re-designed and didn't want to publish a post and then have to private my blog (while adding the new template) so no one could read it! The mock up of my design is done, so now all is needed to do is for it to be added and the last finishing touches to be done. I have to say I am SO happy with it, I will do a post on who designed it for me as I love it and would totally recommend the person who has done it! Speak to you lovely lot soon!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How much is my face worth?

Hello! I have seen so many people do this post and thought it would be cool if I did too! Although I'm slightly scared as it may make me face up to the fact I spend a lot on makeup! Haha!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - £12.49
Sleek Contour Kit - £6.49
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer - £14.50
Sleek Brow Kit - £8.50
Benefit Leggy and Dandy Brandy Eyeshadows - £13.50 x2
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara - £9.99
L'oreal True Match Powder - £8.19
L'oreal Eyeliner - £5.19

Total :: £92.35

I'm actually quite proud of that! I have seen a lot of other posts like this almost be £200! Although I haven't included brushes! It would only be a tad more if I included them! To be honest, this is all the products I have been using lately. There are quite a lot of drugstore products here, I used to use loads of high end products but have been loving these lately! Sorry today is a short post! And that there is no Wednesday Wishlist, I am feeling so crap lately, I feel like I've lost so many people from my life and I'm just a bit sad to be honest :( I'm off to watch some episodes of Dexter, because that always cheers me up!


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Instagram Photos #13

Hello, here's what I have been up to lately!

1. My heap of crap laptop finally came back from being fixed! 2. Phoebe has her TOWIE pout going on!! ;) 3. Felt so ill, snuggled up in my pjs! I was at work and genuinely hallucinated that there was a guinea pig on the floor! 4. My little Beebs! 5. My new work uniform! Love it! 6. Hattie says HI! 7. "Look Auntie G, I'm a rabbit!" 8. Sleepy Phoebe!

I go back to college tomorrow, I think I should be dreading it but I'm actually looking forward to it! I get to see my closest friend who I haven't seen for about 7 weeks! It will just be really nice to catch up with people as I have been working so much over the summer so haven't really had the time to see anyone! I'm really ill at the moment, a girl I work with was really ill and had damaged her voice box (something like that, it had a name but I can't remember it!!) so we aren't sure if I caught that. We went to my cousins house, his son was a bit ill and then he got ill, then my grandad got ill and then me and my Dad got ill! So I think I might have just caught that illness as it feels like a cold! I am on a bit of a blogging buzz at the moment. I have so many ideas of posts so keep an eye out! ;)

What have you all be up to this week?

See you soon!


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