Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October Favourites!

Hello! Here are the products I have been loving this month! 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
I started using this instead of powdering my skin, I have dry skin yet I prefer a more matte finish which can be difficult as using powder can make my skin look really dry! I spritz this over my face over the top of foundation! This is like a cheap version of Mac Fix + which I really want to try!

Mac Face And Body Foundation 
 I am back to my trusty Mac Face and Body foundation, I tend to use foundations, like them, move on to another foundation, then go back to the foundation and absolutely adore it! This happened with this foundation, I really like the YSL touche eclat foundation, although I have a feeling it broke me out! I'm going to stop using it and go back to it in a few weeks to see if my skin goes crazy again!

Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer 
I was using my Mac Select Cover Up concealer, which I thought was amazing. One day I couldn't find the Mac concealer so I used this again! OHMYGOSHHHHH I am 100% back IN LOVE with this concealer, like full on love affair ;) 

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish In Soft And Gentle 
I think this will be in every favourite post for the rest of time! This is just beautiful! I have had it since July and there is not even a dip in the product! 

Benefit Eye Bright 
I stopped using this after it got really blunt and I didn't have a sharpener big enough, I was in Boots and just picked up a sharpener with my Boots points so I could sharpen this again and use it! I use in either on my inner corner or on the water line if I want to look super awake!

Have you tried any of these products? 

What products have you been loving lately?


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #21

Hello!! Here's what I've been up to this week!


Phoebe just before she vomited on me! // She doesn't appreciate the hairstyle I gave her! // Uggh idiots on facebook // Moi! // Tea and twitter // I tidied my room! // I made it messy again! // Watching 500 days of summer and getting depressed about my love life.. // Chicken ramen before going to see Skyfall! // Phoebeeee! //

This week is a busy week! I am off to Kensington today, I am working quite a lot this week and am doing something on Thursday that may or may not turn out well. If it all goes to plan I will be sharing my news with you, if not you may have to wait a while ;) Ooo secrets! ;) I feel like I haven't stopped lately, I was at my friends house on Thursday night, went to college Friday, went to work and then went to the cinema straight after. Saturday I went to work, then went to my Aunts straight after and today I'm in London all day! Ughh! So tired!

I'm finally happy with how these posts are set out, for ages I was thinking of how to lay it out but now I am finally sorted and have finally worked out how to do it in columns! 
I also REALLY want to start doing more OOTD posts, I used to do these but I really struggle as I used to do it in the garden but the weather is way too unpredictable! So I am trying to find a decent place around my house! Would OOTD posts be something you guys would like? Let me know in the comments! :)


Thursday, 25 October 2012

What's In My Overnight Makeup Bag?

Hello! So tonight I am staying over my friends house and thought I would show you all what is in my overnight makeup bag! Just be warned, I over pack for everything so I have quite a lot of stuff in here!


YSL Touche Eclat Foundation
 My go to foundation at the moment, one of only a few foundations that works on my super dry skin!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist 
 I have been using this recently over the top of foundation so I don't have to use powder as my skin is so dry but I don't like wearing just foundation.

Mac Select Cover Up Concealer
My favourite concealer of all time!

Mac Warm Soul Mineralize Blush
I wear this blusher everyday, it is beautiful!

L'oreal True Match Powder
Even though I haven't been wearing foundation, I have put this in just in case!

Sleek Contour Kit
I use this every day to contour!

Mac Soft and Gentle MSF
Such a pretty highlight shade, if anyone ever asks me what they should buy from Mac, I always say this!


Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Definitely my favourite drugstore mascara ever!

Estee Lauder Gel Eyeliner
The best gel liner I have found, it is not too dry and not too liquidy. The perfect consistency!

Soap And Glory Supercat Liquid Liner
I've put this in as if I want to do winged liner I use this, if I just want a simple line I will use the gel liner!

L'oreal Eyeliner In Iced Chesnut
I use this on my waterline instead of using a black liner, as I am so pale and so blonde black looks really harsh and way too dark on me!

Mac Quad:
Hepcat (Top Left)
Mulch (Top Right)
Omega (Bottom Left)
Cranberry (Botton Right)


Angled Brow Brush
This is just a random brush from Sally's that I use for my eyebrows!

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I use this with the Mac blusher! 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This is my favourite brush for applying foundation! It seems to work with any formula!

Mac 130
I use this with the Mac MSF!

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Surprisingly I use this to contour with ;)

Real Techniques Accent Brush
I use this to apply eyeshadow on my lower lash line!

Eyeshadow Brush
This is a super cheap brush I got AGES ago in superdrug!

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush
I use this to blend in my concealer!

Frontcover Rounded Shader
I either use this to apply eyeshadow all over the lid or colour on the outer corner!

Eyeliner Brush
This is another brush that has no name/brand! I use it for gel eyeliner!

Mac 217
This is definitely one of my favourite brushes! It is the best blending brush!

I hope you liked this post! I am just attempting to pack my bag! I have college tomorrow, then work and then I'm going to see James Bond! So excited as I love James Bond! (and Daniel Craig..who doesn't?!?!)


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Things: I hate!

The title of this post sounds so negative! I was watching a Pixiwoo video where they were talking about things they dislike! Everything in life seems to annoy me so I thought "why not blog about it!" ha! It will also give you guys a chance to get to know me a little bit better as I still feel like you guys don't know me that well! I am also in a rambly mood and just feel like writing all my feelings down on one page!

1. Rude People
I don't know if it's just because I'm really sensitive but I get so upset if anyone is rude! Working in retail can be a pain as people think you are beneath them and just because they are the customer they think you are their slave! UM NO! I am one of those people who is just way too polite! My Mum drummed it into me that you must say thank you! "Remember your p's and q's!!" she used to always say! I say thank you for everything, if I serve a customer at work, I say thank you ten times. Something that my Dad find hilarious is when I'm driving and it is my priority (I don't know if other countries have this, on a narrow road the vehicle on one side has priority so can come through before the other one!) I still say thank you to the other person that has stopped even though they have to stop! Haha!

2. Men who wolf whistle/shout at you
If you know a male who does this please let them get in contact with me and explain why some men do this. Do they really think that wolf whistling is going to make me fall at your feet and shout that I want your babies? Today a group of lads in a car proceeded to shout "I'd ruin you!" at me while I was walking. Nice. I think this was just to get a reaction, I get really weirded out by this so just carried on walking while they continued to shout! Yuck!

3. People who eat loudly
I don't think words can even explain this. This is my biggest pet peeve, I hate it! My Dad is the NOISIEST eater ever! No joke! My Mum also love eating crisps and while I'm reading a magazine or the newspaper she will lean over my shoulder so I can hear it! Nooo! I just hate it!

4. Spoilt people who don't appreciate what they have!
This gets on my wick so much! I know a certain someone (LOL) who gets everything she wants just because she throws a strop! I have had a job since I was 13 and get so annoyed when people don't even try to get a job! Mine is only part time but at least it's something! I just can't stand people who don't appreciate what they are given, if my Mum buys me a present I am so thankful as I buy everything myself and would never expect her to buy me things!

5. People who moan about things they can change
This included people who moan about their weight yet do nothing to change it, being a psychology student, I understand that there are certain disorders which mean people can't stop over-eating but the majority of people can change! I just have the mentality of "If you want it, get it" if there is something I want I will work hard to get it!

6. Sharks
I blame my sister 100% for my fear of sharks! I cannot even look at photos of sharks without having a panic attack! My sister made me watch Jaws when I was 11 and I was in Florida at the time! I refused to go in the sea and have only been in once since! My aunt literally had to drag me in! 

I have just realised that this is probably the worlds most negative post! If you want, I'll do a "things I love" post just so I don't come across like the worlds most grumpy person!! As I have been feeling crappy it's just nice to do these kinds of posts! There will hopefully be a slightly more beauty related post at the end of the week! 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #20

Hello! Here's what I've been up to this week!

Phoebe after her bath! // Was learning about my car engine, fun! // When I’m in a bad mood, I shop! // Autumn-ness and cold feed! // Doing the 30 day shred!! // Gave Phoebe my old bear and she loved him! // Mr Harvey and I watched “killing Bono” together! // I want one! // Phoebe and her bear again! // Bath time with Phoebe! // With Mr Bear again!! // Was about to cut my crazy fringe! // My first ever face chart! // Off for a family photoshoot! // Phoebe at the photoshoot! // Out to dinner with my family! // My cousin and I at dinner // THIS! //


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Redrock Fashion Giveaway!!

Hello! So today I am offering you all the chance to win an awesome prize from RedRock. They are holding a giveaway offering one of you a RedRock Voucher worth £65! There are just a few simple steps to enter!

 RedRock is an amazing label which was set up in 2009 by designer and stylist Kiran Lall. All their items are handmade in their studios so all pieces are different and unique for customers! They sell a combination of modern, vintage and re-worked clothing from the 60's, 70's and 80's! Their designs allow customers to stand out from the crowd, offering fashion that is unique and cannot be found on the high street! Their designs have been seen on the tv show "Skins" and celebrities such as Paloma Faith, Lauren Pope and Audrey Kitching!

1. Follow REDROCK on Twitter @TEAMREDROCK_  here
2. Follow REDROCK on Instagram at: @TEAMREDROCK_ here
3. Be a follower of my blog via GFC(I will check!)
4. Leave a comment below including your Twitter name, Instagram name and Email Address.

You do not need to have a blog to enter!

You must follow all of the above to be entered

This contest is open internationally!!!

So that's all you need to do! If you require any more information about the contest just visit their blog here. The competition closes on the 17th November 2012 with the winner selected by RedRock on the 18th. 

Good Luck!!


Friday, 19 October 2012

How to: Macaroons!

Hello! So the other day I decided I was going to make macaroons. They weren't too difficult, you just have to make sure you don't under or over cook them. If you under cook them they can be difficult to get off the baking sheet!

 Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks and put the whites in a fairly large bowl.

 Whisk the whites until quite thick!

 Add the caster sugar and whisk (I forget to take a photo of this!)
Sieve in the icing sugar.

Sieve in the almonds and fold the icing sugar and almonds in.

Add the flavor you want and add the food colouring!

Using a piping bag, pipe equal (as equal as you can!) circles onto a baking sheet or grease proof paper!
Leave to rest for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes drop the tray from a small height!

Put in the oven at about 160 degrees celsius for around 15 minutes

Make your filling, I used butter icing! (Icing sugar and Margarine mixed together!)

Wait until the macaroons are cold, fill them with your filling and find a partner for each!


I like doing baking posts as I'm trying to get into baking more! Do you guys like them and do you have any requests for things I could bake and show you?


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Look Beauty Eye Shadows!

Hello! So I said on twitter that I wasn't really in a great mood and not to expect many posts from me and to not expect them to be too good! I have been feeling really down again. Meh. Anyway! Enough my fun life, this is just a quick post to tell you about some eyeshadows that I have been loving lately!

"Cami" - This shade is a beautiful shimmery shade! (I'm rubbish at describing colours so that's the best you're going to get! Haha!) It is so pigmented and I am absolutely in love with the colour! I used this today with a dark brown in the crease, it blends really nicely and is really soft!

"Bare" - This shade matches my skin colour almost identically! I have wanted a shade that matched for ages as I feel naked without eyeshadow on and I wanted one I could wear when I did winged eyeliner. When I wear dramatic winged liner I tend to go for not much else on the lid! This colour was hard to swatch as it is pretty much the same colour as my skin!

 My hand looks really weird and it looks like I have 100000's of hairs on my arm. Hmm!

Cami on on the top and Bare underneath. (if you can see it!) They last really well and I have not noticed any creasing, which is crazy as my eyeshadows usually ALWAYS crease! I really want to go back and get more of these, at the moment in superdrug they are half price, so they are £2 rather than £4. I think they are amazing and I really want to buy every single shade! Not even kidding! Haha! I had never really thought Look Beauty was going to be that great and I was very skeptical but I am absolutely LOVING so many of the products!

Have you guys tried any of the Look beauty products?


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #19

Hello! Here's what I've been up to this week!

I got my Iphone! Yay! // Me and Mum made honeycomb! // For the first time, my name was spelt right it Starbucks!! //  This was me two years ago! So much has changed! // Smiley Phoebe! // My ugly mug ;) // Phoebe woke up, just as I had to do my makeup! // Listening to this song was not good in a boring lesson, so tired! // Me and my friend on the way to see the midnight beast // My sister stole my car and went for a drive! Oi! //

What have you guys been up to this week?


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tag: Blogging Love

Hello! So this tag was made by Kayleigh and I thought it looked like a really nice tag so I thought I would do it!

Image from Kayleigh's blog!

1. Other Bloggers
I never thought I would meet so many amazing people through blogging, it's has made my blogging experience so much better that I've had so many girls to share my excitement when I reach a certain number of followers or I write a blog post I wasn't sure about posting. To have such support is amazing. I am pretty shy in "real life" so people tend not to try and get to know me because it takes a long time for me to open up. Therefore I have a very small number of friends, it's been so crazy to meet people who I now consider friends and people who like me for who I am. It's such a nice feeling for me especially as it has restored my faith in humanity as I have found that there are genuine people out there that care.

2. The Feeling
When I write a new post I am always unsure on the reaction it's going to get, it's such an amazing feeling when you get nice comments and positive feedback from other people. They could comment saying "this post is awful, you are one ugly dawwwg" (LOL) but they are just so lovely and blogging makes me feel like I belong to something finally!

3. Creativity
Being someone who loves photography and designing and generally anything that involves creativity, blogging is an outlet for all these things. I can do my photography, sit and edit photos and design my layout! Before I got my blog re-designed I would spend everyday making something new for my blog. I was constantly making headers and moving things around! I loved it!

4. My own place
As I've said many times, I am very quiet. I usually don't talk much as I don't think anyone wants to hear! It's nice to have a place that's mine, where I can say whatever I want and not feel like I'm being judged for it. It's just so nice to write a post saying how you're feeling and get advice or support from other people or simply write a post of my favourite eye shadow and get feedback on that!

5. Confidence 
Blogging has given me so much confidence, I feel like people do actually (sometimes!) care about what I have to say. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, when I put pictures of my self on my blog and get nice comments it makes me feel so much better about myself.

Blogging Aim - My blogging aim is to simply continue blogging and continue enjoying posting and interacting with all my lovely followers! I enjoy blogging so much and would hate for that to change! I would love to reach 1000 followers before my blog turns one but I feel like enjoying it is more important than how many people are reading it :)

Blogging Tip - I get emails from people who ask me how to get a "popular blog" firstly I don't think you should blog purely so you become "popular." I think that talking to other bloggers is vital, it creates a good relationship with other people who do the same thing as you. I also think design is key! Have a nice blog design will make people decide whether they want to follow! 

Blogger who has inspired me  - I think the blogger that inspired me was Estee she has such a lovely personality that really comes across in her blog posts, she also takes great pictures and her reviews are also fab!

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and as always I tag you all, so if you want to do this post, do it! Leave a link to the post in the comments so I can be nosey and read it!


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #12

Hello!! Here are the items I have been lusting after recently!
I have wanted this for ages and being the foundation junkie that I am, 16 foundations just isn't enough! I have watched so many makeup tutorials on Youtube where they use this foundation and it always looks amazing!

MAC have recently changed their pro palettes, which I am not happy about as I was going to buy one soon! You have to buy the palette and then the insert SEPARATELY! It costs so much more than it did before so I was looking for alternatives and this one looks really cute! You can choose different colours and it comes with a handy mirror!

I have wanted to try Nars eyeshadows for ages and this duo would suit me perfectly! I pretty much wear nudes all the time! 

I tried these on in store and wanted them so badly! I really need some boots like this for when it rains as I have no suitable rain shoes! I'm not sure these boots suit me though as I wear quite girly clothes!

I saw this the other day when I went shopping and really wanted it! It reminds me of the Mulberry Del Ray bag and is the same colour as the one I wanted! I also haven't bought a bag in about 8 weeks!! (I'm aware this isn't that long but just go along with the fact I need it! HA!) I want it!!!

What items have you guys been lusting after recently?


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tag! Eight Fall Loves!

Hello! So today I am doing a tag that was make by Khadija, it's called the Eight Fall Loves! She tagged me to do this and thought I would finally get around to doing it!

Mac Mineralize Blush In Warm Soul 
This is such a pretty shade for autumn/fall, it is a dark pink shade but has beautiful gold shimmer running through it! It's not super shimmery but just gives your cheeks a pretty glow! 

Barry M Bright Purple 
This is not really a "bright purple" it's quite dark to be honest! I love purples and this is beautiful!

Barry M Raspberry
 This is probably one of my most worn shades! I love deeper colours for autumn so this is perfect!

Topshop Inhibition Lipstick 
 Dark shades are perfect for autumn and I really love the Topshop lipsticks! The consistency is really nice, they don't dry your lips out but are matte! 

MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow 
This is fast becoming one of my favourite eyeshadows! It's so pretty! For the past few days I've been putting this all over the lid with a dark purple colour on the crease and outer corner, they look really pretty blended together and the perfect eye look for this season!

New Look Feather Earrings 
I love feather earrings and these are the perfect autumn shade! And yes I am in my dressing gown! Haha! My house is so cold at the moment so I'm stuck in my dressing gown permanently!

 Boots! (Topshop, River Island and New Look)
 As the weather is getting colder (and a lot wetter here in England!!) I prefer to wear boots to keep my feet warm! As well as keeping my feet warmer than other shoes they are also pretty!

 Beanies! (Primark, River Island and Topshop)
 I love a good beanie! These are great for keeping you warm but also make an outfit look a little bit cuter!

Then onto the questions!

What is the thing you most look forward to about Autumn?
I love the weather, it's not too cold but it means I can layer clothing together which I love doing!

Do you go trick or treating if so what are you planning on dressing up as this year?
I never really celebrate Halloween! Although maybe I will dress Phoebe up as something!

So there you go! If you guys want to do this post feel free! I'm meant to tag people in it but I prefer to just tag everyone! If you do this post please leave the link in the comments as I would love to read your posts! Also, I'm so sorry the photos are not great! I took them when it was dark and so the lighting is awful! I was so busy today, I was at college, then came home, started making and designing a website for my sister (while feeding Phoebe at the same time!!) So I've had hardly any time to myself today to do anything!! 

What are you favourite fall items?


Monday, 8 October 2012

Collective Haul!

Hello! So I asked in my last post if you guys wanted to see the things I have bought recently and you said yes! So here are some new additions to my life! ;)

Oh yes, it happened..
I was going to buy the Iphone 5 as it was only £80 difference, but to be honest there was hardly any difference between the two and I have just bought a phone/purse (snakeskin pattern thing below!) that didn't fit the Iphone 5. I did secretly want to get the 5 as I could show off ;)

Love my wallpaper of Phoebe, some of my favourite photographs of her!

Dad told me to get a cheap case as soon as I bought it and I could buy a nicer one later. I actually quite like this case, it's cute!

Topshop £14 (I get 25% off because of where I work so didn't pay full price!)

I had seen one of these ages ago but didn't have an Iphone so didn't get it! I knew I was going to get an Iphone soon so I bought this and about half an hour later I had bought my phone!

It can store your phone, cards and some notes :)

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6
MAC Omega Eyeshadow £10
MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow £10

I love all of these, the eyeliner is a lot easier to do winged eyeliner with compared to gel eyeliner and a brush! I really like using Omega for my brows as it is not brown so doesn't look as fake, it's quite difficult to fill my brows in sometimes as my hair is so blonde! Cranberry is possibly my favourite eyeshadow! It is gorgeous!!!

Topshop Stud Boots £70 
River Island Lita Dupes £75

I love the Topshop stud boots, I tend to prefer even a small heel as it makes my posture a little bit better! Also, I am 5 foot 5 inches so a little bit of height is quite nice!! I call the River Island boots my "Lita Dupes" they feel like a more wearable Jeffrey Campbell Lita, the heel is not as big and there is not a HUGE platform at the front like the JC Litas! They are really comfy, I wore them to college last week although I got some funny looks from girls as people tend to judge you for not wearing flat shoes!!

Fat Face Fur Parka £98 (Got 10% student discount!)
I mentioned this in my Wednesday Wishlist post and I just had to get it! I had seen lots of other parkas but I always preferred this one! The smallest they do is a size 8, I'm usually a size 6 but sometimes size 6 can be too big so I was worried this would be huge on me! Luckily it is not too big! Yay!

Look Beauty Pressed Powder £8
Look Lipstick Toffee Cup £7

Worst photo ever! Sorry, not sure why the lighting is crap!! This is a translucent powder, I normally dislike translucent powders as I prefer some more coverage, however this gives a lovely finish to the skin!! I haven't worn this lipstick too much, it is not very moisturizing and is quite a light shade! I want to try one called Tangerine Cream which I think will work better with my skintone!

Topshop Beanie £12 
I think beanies look super cute! They also are great for keeping warm in the winter as a lot of your body heat  is lost from your head! I love this colour as it is one of the only colours that suits me!

Mua Undressed Palette £4
I gave this palette away in my giveaway and had to get one for myself as well! I really like it! If you would like to see a review I will do one!

For some reason it doesn't seem like I bought as many things as I thought I had! Maybe it's because I bought only a few things, but a lot of them were more expensive things! 

I am planning on blogging every day this week, I have a "blogging bug" as I call it, where I just want to blog everyday! This is possibly the worst week to do it as I have to get my personal statement and UCAS form done as well as having an essay to plan for! I am so exhausted which is probably why all I want to do is sit in bed and blog! I have a really long day at work on Saturday and am working Friday as well! Two of the girls left so I was having to do a lot of work, then my boss got a promotion so she is not there much anymore! We hired new people which means I have to teach them how we do everything! I have been working so much when I'm meant to just be a 4 hour girl! In half term, I am working 21 hours! She said it might change, I hope it will as I am NOT doing that! It means I will be in every day bar one day! 

See you guys tomorrow! (Hopefully!)



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